Re: 4.0.0-rc4: panic in free_block

From: David Miller
Date: Sun Mar 22 2015 - 22:19:15 EST

Nevermind I think I figured out the problem.

It's the cache initializing stores, we can't do overlapping
copies where dst <= src in all cases because of them.

A store to a address modulo the cache line size (which for
these instructions is 64 bytes), clears that whole line.

But when we're doing these memmove() calls in SLAB/SLUB, we
can clear some bytes at the end of the line before they've
been read in.

And reading over NG4memcpy, this _can_ happen, the main unrolled
loop begins like this:

load src + 0x00
load src + 0x08
load src + 0x10
load src + 0x18
load src + 0x20
store dst + 0x00

Assume dst is 64 byte aligned and let's say that dst is src - 8 for
this memcpy() call, right? That store at the end there is the one to
the first line in the cache line, thus clearing the whole line, which
thus clobbers "src + 0x28" before it even gets loaded.

I'm pretty sure this is what's happening.

And it's only going to trigger if the memcpy() is 128 bytes or larger.

I'll work on a fix.
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