How does anyone diagnose bugs on AWS EC2?

From: Daniel Farina
Date: Wed Apr 01 2015 - 18:35:20 EST


I've recently been suffering some problems with sudden crashes that I
believe to be in Linux after upgrading from Ubuntu Precise to Ubuntu

It so happens there are enough computers to get a statistical sense of
the increase in such crashes, and it is about tenfold the rate.

The problem is that no messages I can easily attain are emitted:
crashdump doesn't work on EC2 (which is Xen-based, and fact that
crashdump doesn't work is also documented elsewhere on the Internet as
an upstream issue), and the logs possess nothing except maybe some nul
bytes where I expect unflushed data to be.

While I know LKML is not particularly interested in bug reports such
an a kernel, I'm having trouble finding references on how one goes
about designing a good bug report given the constraints I have (in
particular, no kdump, no logs). I also was not able to find
definitive references about how to gather data for such cases.

Can anyone dispense advice about the routine way to deal with such
bugs so I can assemble a a decent report given the constraints I have
in post-mortem crash data?

Thanks in advance.
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