Re: [PATCH v2 0/5] Refactor Qualcomm RPM regulator to single platform_device

From: Stephen Boyd
Date: Thu Apr 02 2015 - 18:00:45 EST

On 04/01/15 15:55, Bjorn Andersson wrote:
> Stephen Boyd pointed out that the current design of the Qualcomm RPM and
> regulator driver consumes 12-20kB of ram just for the platform_device structs.
> This series starts with a new revision of the dt binding documentation for the
> rpm regulators, introduces the regulator-allow-drms property, remove the
> flagging of DRMS support from the qcom-rpm regulator driver, refactor the
> qcom_rpm-regulator driver to move all custom parse code to a function suitable
> for usage as of_parse_cb. The final patch defines the tables of registers and
> change the probe function to register the appropriate regulators based on pmic.
> As Stephen pointed out in his PATCH/RFC/argument [1], this gives a more
> accurate representation of input supplies, as they are now named as in the
> specification.
> Note that for platforms with multiple pmics (e.g. 8660 and 8974) will have
> multiple regulator subnodes to the rpm node - something that will be clearer
> with this binding than the previously suggested.

What happens with debugfs when you have multiple pmics with the same
named regulator? I thought that in this case we needed to make the names
unique somehow or we would end up with the same directory for two
different regulators.

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