Re: [PATCH] Staging: rtl8188eu: Remove zero testing pointer typed value

From: Dan Carpenter
Date: Fri Apr 03 2015 - 12:51:28 EST

On Fri, Apr 03, 2015 at 10:12:11PM +0530, Amitoj Kaur Chawla wrote:
> Removes variable comparison with 0 by using !.

Sometimes testing for zero makes sense. When you write code, you are
telling a story. If you are talking about zero as a number then it
can make sense. If it's zero as a boolean then it doesn't make sense.

Also strcmp() and similar should always be done as == 0, < 0 or != 0
because that is the idiom:

if name != "foo" then


if (strcmpt(name, "foo") != 0) {

The != from the first is shifted in the second.

So I don't really think this approach is the right thing. You have to
read the code and understand the story it is telling. Then change it
if needed.

dan carpenter

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