Re: [PATCH] x86/boot: use __noreturn instead of directly __attribute__ definition

From: Andreas Mohr
Date: Mon Apr 06 2015 - 15:45:14 EST


> We no need to include <linux/compiler.h> to the arch/x86/boot/boot.h,
> because boot.h already includes "bitops.h" which already includes
> <linux/compiler.h>.

"Depends", I'd say (no pun, and intended :).

This currently implicitly working constellation
might break both for:
- boot.h no longer requiring bitops.h
- bitops.h no longer including linux/compiler.h

IMHO explicitly #include:ing parts
which certain code does actively depend on after all
is both a "code honesty"
and a documentation issue ("Hmm, which interfaces does this implementation
depend on? Ah, yeah...")

Food for thought,

Andreas Mohr

P.S.: thanks for your contribution!

GNU/Linux. It's not the software that's free, it's you.
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