[PATCH v4 0/3] RDS: RDS-core fixes

From: Sowmini Varadhan
Date: Tue Apr 07 2015 - 16:38:41 EST

This patch-series updates the RDS core and rds-tcp modules with
some bug fixes that were originally authored by Andy Grover,
Zach Brown, and Chris Mason.

v2: Code review comment by Sergei Shtylov
V3: DaveM comments:
- dropped patches 3, 5 for "heuristic" changes in rds_send_xmit().
Investigation into the root-cause of these IB-triggered changes
produced the feedback: "I don't remember seeing "RDS: Stuck RM"
message in last 1-1.5 years and checking with other folks. It may very
well be some old workaround for stale connection for which long term
fix is already made and this part of code not exercised anymore."

Any such fixes, *if* they are needed, can/should be done in the
IB specific RDS transport modules.

- similarly dropped the LL_SEND_FULL patch (patch 6 in v2 set)

v4: Documentation/networking/rds.txt contains incorrect references
to "missing sysctl values for pf_rds and sol_rds in mainline".
The sysctl values were never needed in mainline, thus fix the

Sowmini Varadhan (3):
Document AF_RDS, PF_RDS and SOL_RDS correctly.
RDS: only use passive connections when addresses match
RDS: make sure not to loop forever inside rds_send_xmit

Documentation/networking/rds.txt | 9 ++++-----
net/rds/connection.c | 3 ++-
net/rds/rds.h | 1 +
net/rds/send.c | 33 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++--
4 files changed, 38 insertions(+), 8 deletions(-)

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