[linux-next PATCH] mlx5: wrong page mask if CONFIG_ARCH_DMA_ADDR_T_64BIT enabled for 32Bit architectures

From: Honggang Li
Date: Sun Apr 12 2015 - 07:06:25 EST

If CONFIG_ARCH_DMA_ADDR_T_64BIT enabled for x86 systems and physical
memory is more than 4GB, dma_map_page may return a valid memory
address which greater than 0xffffffff. As a result, the mlx5 device page
allocator RB tree will be initialized with valid addresses greater than

However, (addr & PAGE_MASK) set the high four bytes to zeros. So, it's
impossible for the function, free_4k, to release the pages whose
addresses greater than 4GB. Memory leaks. And mlx5_ib module can't
release the pages when user try to remove the module, as a result,
system hang.

[root@rdma05 root]# dmesg | grep addr | head
addr = 3fe384000
addr & PAGE_MASK = fe384000
[root@rdma05 root]# rmmod mlx5_ib <---- hang on

---------------------- cosnole log -----------------
mlx5_ib 0000:04:00.0: irq 138 for MSI/MSI-X
alloc irq_desc for 139 on node -1
alloc kstat_irqs on node -1
mlx5_ib 0000:04:00.0: irq 139 for MSI/MSI-X
0000:04:00.0:free_4k:221:(pid 1519): page not found
0000:04:00.0:free_4k:221:(pid 1519): page not found
0000:04:00.0:free_4k:221:(pid 1519): page not found
0000:04:00.0:free_4k:221:(pid 1519): page not found
---------------------- cosnole log -----------------

Signed-off-by: Honggang Li <honli@xxxxxxxxxx>
drivers/net/ethernet/mellanox/mlx5/core/pagealloc.c | 6 ++++--
1 file changed, 4 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

diff --git a/drivers/net/ethernet/mellanox/mlx5/core/pagealloc.c b/drivers/net/ethernet/mellanox/mlx5/core/pagealloc.c
index df22383..27c72da 100644
--- a/drivers/net/ethernet/mellanox/mlx5/core/pagealloc.c
+++ b/drivers/net/ethernet/mellanox/mlx5/core/pagealloc.c
@@ -211,12 +211,14 @@ static int alloc_4k(struct mlx5_core_dev *dev, u64 *addr)
return 0;

+#define MLX5_U64_4K_PAGE_MASK ((~(u64)0U) << PAGE_SHIFT)
static void free_4k(struct mlx5_core_dev *dev, u64 addr)
struct fw_page *fwp;
int n;

- fwp = find_fw_page(dev, addr & PAGE_MASK);
+ fwp = find_fw_page(dev, addr & MLX5_U64_4K_PAGE_MASK);
if (!fwp) {
mlx5_core_warn(dev, "page not found\n");
@@ -241,7 +243,7 @@ static void free_4k(struct mlx5_core_dev *dev, u64 addr)
static int alloc_system_page(struct mlx5_core_dev *dev, u16 func_id)
struct page *page;
- u64 addr;
+ u64 addr = 0;
int err;
int nid = dev_to_node(&dev->pdev->dev);


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