Re: [PATCH v3 07/28] IB/Verbs: Reform IB-ulp ipoib

From: Jason Gunthorpe
Date: Tue Apr 14 2015 - 13:59:25 EST

On Tue, Apr 14, 2015 at 01:43:11PM -0400, ira.weiny wrote:

> A failure to init port 2 ends up ends up "killing" port 1 and releasing the
> device associated resources.

Yes, that is the only reasonable thing that could happen.

init failure should only be possible under exceptional cases (OOM).

The only system response is to call ib_umad_add_one again - so of
course the first call had to completely clean up everything it did.

Hopefully all these errors propogate enough so that driver insmod fails
with a perfect clean up. Otherwise it is broken :|

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