Re: [PATCH] Support gcc 6 for building

From: Michal Marek
Date: Thu Apr 16 2015 - 03:58:02 EST

On 2015-04-15 21:45, Andi Kleen wrote:
> From: Andi Kleen <ak@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> gcc recently switched to a new version number scheme, where every version
> gets a new major version number. The current version is 5.x, the next 6.x, etc.
> The gcc git repository trunk branch just switched to report 6.x for the next
> major release.
> This breaks the way Linux selects compiler-gccX.h based on the major
> version. Every new version would require adding a new compiler-gccX.h file,
> which wouldn't really scale.
> Let's assume that future gccs are fairly compatible (they are unlikely
> to break anything Linux is relying on). So we can just keep using
> compiler-gcc5.h, and select any specific differences with #if.

Good idea. With the new scheme, we could also merge back compiler-gcc5.h
and compiler-gcc4.h. The only difference is the KASAN_ABI_VERSION define.

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