[GIT PULL] f2fs updates for v4.1

From: Jaegeuk Kim
Date: Fri Apr 17 2015 - 14:25:14 EST

Hi Linus,

Could you please pull the following patches?

Thank you very much,

The following changes since commit 13a7a6ac0a11197edcd0f756a035f472b42cdf8b:

Linux 4.0-rc2 (2015-03-03 09:04:59 -0800)

are available in the git repository at:

git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/jaegeuk/f2fs.git tags/for-f2fs-4.1

for you to fetch changes up to 10027551ccf5459cc771c31ac8bc8e5cc8db45f8:

f2fs: pass checkpoint reason on roll-forward recovery (2015-04-16 09:45:40 -0700)

New features are:
o in-memory extent_cache
o fs_shutdown to test power-off-recovery
o use inline_data to store symlink path
o show f2fs as a non-misc filesystem

Major fixes are to:
o avoid CPU stalls on sync_dirty_dir_inodes
o fix some power-off-recovery procedure
o fix to handle broken symlink correctly
o fix missing dot and dotdot made by sudden power cuts
o handle wrong data index during roll-forward recovery
o preallocate data blocks for direct_io

And it includes a bunch of minor bug fixes and cleanups.

Changman Lee (2):
f2fs: add stat info for moved blocks by background gc
f2fs: cleanup statement about max orphan inodes calc

Chao Yu (31):
f2fs: remove unused inline_dentry_addr
f2fs: introduce f2fs_update_dentry to clean up duplicated codes
f2fs: use ->writepage in sync_meta_pages
f2fs: fix incorrectly stat number of inline data inode
f2fs: move ext_lock out of struct extent_info
f2fs: simplfy a field name in struct f2fs_extent,extent_info
f2fs: introduce f2fs_map_bh to clean codes of check_extent_cache
f2fs: introduce universal lookup/update interface for extent cache
f2fs: introduce infra macro and data structure of rb-tree extent cache
f2fs: add core functions for rb-tree extent cache
f2fs: add a mount option for rb-tree extent cache
f2fs: enable rb-tree extent cache
f2fs: show extent tree, node stat info in debugfs
f2fs: add trace for rb-tree extent cache ops
f2fs: support fast lookup in extent cache
f2fs: switch to check FI_NO_EXTENT in f2fs_{lookup,update}_extent_cache
f2fs: use extent cache for dir
f2fs: fix to issue small discard in real-time mode discard
f2fs: fix to calculate max length of contiguous free slots correctly
f2fs: fix reference leaks in f2fs_acl_create
f2fs: fix to truncate inline data past EOF
f2fs: fix to check current blkaddr in __allocate_data_blocks
f2fs: set SBI_NEED_FSCK when encountering exception in recovery
f2fs: split set_data_blkaddr from f2fs_update_extent_cache
f2fs: introduce __{find,grab}_extent_tree
f2fs: initialize extent tree with on-disk extent info of inode
f2fs: preserve extent info for extent cache
f2fs: preallocate fallocated blocks for direct IO
f2fs: avoid NULL pointer dereference in f2fs_xattr_advise_get
f2fs: persist system.advise into on-disk inode
f2fs: limit b_size of mapped bh in f2fs_map_bh

Jaegeuk Kim (24):
f2fs: remove obsolete code
f2fs: avoid wrong error during recovery
f2fs: support fs shutdown
f2fs: clear page's up-to-date if block was deallocated
f2fs: check its block allocation to avoid producing wrong dirty pages
f2fs: avoid to trigger writepage during POR
f2fs: clear append/update flags once fsync is done
f2fs: report -ENOENT for unreached data indices
f2fs: relocate Kconfig from misc filesystems
f2fs: fix to cover sentry_lock for block allocation
f2fs: set buffer_new when new blocks are allocated
f2fs: enhance multi-threads performance
f2fs: avoid wrong f2fs_bug_on when truncating inline_data
f2fs: avoid punch_hole overhead when releasing volatile data
f2fs: add some tracepoints to debug volatile and atomic writes
f2fs: fix sparse warnings
f2fs: fix mismatching lock and unlock pages for roll-forward recovery
f2fs: add F2FS_INLINE_DOTS to recover missing dot dentries
f2fs: assign parent's i_mode for empty dir
f2fs: do not increase link count during recovery
f2fs: do not recover wrong data index
f2fs: flush symlink path to avoid broken symlink after POR
f2fs: avoid abnormal behavior on broken symlink
f2fs: pass checkpoint reason on roll-forward recovery

Sebastian Andrzej Siewior (1):
f2fs: add cond_resched() to sync_dirty_dir_inodes()

Taehee Yoo (1):
f2fs: change 0 to false for bool type

Wanpeng Li (10):
f2fs: introduce macro __cp_payload
f2fs: fix the number of orphan inode blocks
f2fs: fix block_ops trace point
f2fs: don't need to collect dirty sit entries and flush journal when there's no dirty sit entries
f2fs: fix max orphan inodes calculation
f2fs: fix extent cache memory leak
f2fs: reduce searching region of segmap when set free section
f2fs: fix unlocked nat set cache operation
f2fs: enable fast symlink by utilizing inline data
f2fs: enable inline data by default

Yuan Zhong (2):
f2fs: set the correct place of initializing *res_page
f2fs: remove unnecessary condition judgment

Documentation/filesystems/f2fs.txt | 6 +
fs/Kconfig | 2 +-
fs/f2fs/Kconfig | 2 +-
fs/f2fs/acl.c | 14 +-
fs/f2fs/checkpoint.c | 38 +-
fs/f2fs/data.c | 742 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++----
fs/f2fs/debug.c | 22 +-
fs/f2fs/dir.c | 93 +++--
fs/f2fs/f2fs.h | 174 +++++++--
fs/f2fs/file.c | 64 +++-
fs/f2fs/gc.c | 6 +-
fs/f2fs/inline.c | 69 ++--
fs/f2fs/inode.c | 25 +-
fs/f2fs/namei.c | 81 +++-
fs/f2fs/node.c | 18 +-
fs/f2fs/node.h | 1 +
fs/f2fs/recovery.c | 76 ++--
fs/f2fs/segment.c | 17 +-
fs/f2fs/segment.h | 3 +-
fs/f2fs/super.c | 40 +-
fs/f2fs/xattr.c | 4 +-
include/linux/f2fs_fs.h | 3 +-
include/trace/events/f2fs.h | 162 +++++++-
23 files changed, 1399 insertions(+), 263 deletions(-)
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