Linux 4.1-rc3

From: Linus Torvalds
Date: Sun May 10 2015 - 19:27:36 EST

Here's a Mother's Day Sunday release for you all, whether you're a
mother or not. Because hey, it's Sunday afternoon once again, and
that's just how my -rc releases roll.

Nothing particularly scary or worrisome going on, although there are
little fixes all over. Some of them are regressions from this merge
window, and some of them are older. And some of them are so old that I
almost thought "if it's been broken since 2011, and you only noticed
now, maybe it could have waited for the next merge window". You know
who you are (and others will too, if they read the commit messages -
your shame is out there).

The appended shortlog gives a reasonable overview, and isn't too big.
As you can tell, it's mostly drivers, with a smattering of arch
updates (mostly ARM). And a smattering of misc stuff: perf tooling,
documentation, filesystems. The infiniband update is a noticeable
chunk of the drivers, we had some delayed stuff there due to
maintainership changes.

Go out and test. By -rc3, things really should be pretty
non-threatening and this would be a good time to just make sure
everything is running smoothly if you haven't tried one of the earlier
development kernels already.



Abhilash Kesavan (1):
ARM: dts: Fix typo in trip point temperature for exynos5420/5440

Al Viro (2):
namei: d_is_negative() should be checked before ->d_seq validation
path_openat(): fix double fput()

Alex BennÃe (1):
tracing: Make ftrace_print_array_seq compute buf_len

Alex Deucher (1):
drm/radeon: don't setup audio on asics that don't support it

Alex Williamson (2):
vfio-pci: Log device requests more verbosely
vfio: Fix runaway interruptible timeout

Alexandre Belloni (1):
Documentation: bindings: add abracon,abx80x

Andrew Andrianov (1):
pinctrl: mvebu: Fix mapping of pin 63 (gpo -> gpio)

Andrew Lunn (1):
ARM: 8350/1: proc-feroceon: Fix feroceon_proc_info macro

Andrew Morton (2):
revert "zram: move compact_store() to sysfs functions area"
MAINTAINERS: add co-maintainer for LED subsystem

Antonio Ospite (1):
ACPI / documentation: fix a sentence about GPIO resources

Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo (2):
perf trace: Enable events when doing system wide tracing and
starting a workload
perf trace: Disable events and drain events when forked workload ends

Bart Van Assche (1):
IPoIB/CM: Fix indentation level

Baruch Siach (1):
MAINTAINERS: add Conexant Digicolor machines entry

Ben Hutchings (1):
xen-pciback: Add name prefix to global 'permissive' variable

Bob Liu (2):
xen/blkback: safely unmap purge persistent grants
xen/grant: introduce func gnttab_unmap_refs_sync()

Bobby Powers (2):
tools lib api: Undefine _FORTIFY_SOURCE before setting it
x86/fpu: Always restore_xinit_state() when use_eager_cpu()

Boris Ostrovsky (6):
xen: Suspend ticks on all CPUs during suspend
xen/events: Clear cpu_evtchn_mask before resuming
xen/xenbus: Update xenbus event channel on resume
xen/console: Update console event channel on resume
xen/events: Set irq_info->evtchn before binding the channel to
CPU in __startup_pirq()
hypervisor/x86/xen: Unset X86_BUG_SYSRET_SS_ATTRS on Xen PV guests

Chao Yu (1):
elevator: fix double release of elevator module

Chen Yu (1):
init: fix regression by supporting devices with major:minor:offset format

Chris Bainbridge (1):
ACPI / SBS: Add 5 us delay to fix SBS hangs on MacBook

Chris Wilson (1):
drm/i915: Drop PIPE-A quirk for 945GSE HP Mini

Chris Zhong (2):
ARM: rockchip: disable dapswjdp during suspend
ARM: rockchip: fix undefined instruction of reset_ctrl_regs

Christian KÃnig (6):
drm/radeon: disable semaphores for UVD V1 (v2)
drm/radeon: fix userptr lockup
drm/radeon: make VCE handle check more strict
drm/radeon: make UVD handle checking more strict
drm/radeon: more strictly validate the UVD codec
drm/radeon: stop trying to suspend UVD sessions

Christophe Leroy (1):
splice: sendfile() at once fails for big files

Chuanxiao Dong (1):
mmc: card: Don't access RPMB partitions for normal read/write

Colin Ian King (1):
pinctrl: mediatek: mtk-common: initialize unmask

Corey Minyard (6):
ipmi_ssif: Fix the logic on user-supplied addresses
ipmi:ssif: Ignore spaces when comparing I2C adapter names
ipmi: Don't report err in the SI driver for SSIF devices
ipmi: Report an error if ACPI _IFT doesn't exist
ipmi: Add alert handling to SSIF
ipmi: Fix multi-part message handling

Dan Carpenter (1):
efi: Fix error handling in add_sysfs_runtime_map_entry()

Daniel Baluta (1):
configfs: init configfs module earlier at boot time

Daniel Borkmann (1):
lib: make memzero_explicit more robust against dead store elimination

David Ahern (2):
perf kmem: Fix compiles on RHEL6/OL6
IB/core: Fix unaligned accesses

Davidlohr Bueso (1):
perf bench futex: Fix hung wakeup tasks after requeueing

Dinh Nguyen (1):
MAINTAINERS: socfpga: update the git repo for SoCFPGA

Doug Anderson (1):
pinctrl: Don't just pretend to protect pinctrl_maps, do it for real

Doug Ledford (1):
MAINTAINERS: Update InfiniBand subsystem maintainer

Eric W. Biederman (1):
mnt: Fix fs_fully_visible to verify the root directory is visible

Fabio Estevam (2):
ARM: dts: imx23-olinuxino: Fix polarity of LED GPIO
ARM: multi_v7_defconfig: Select more FSL SoCs

Felipe Balbi (2):
ARM: dts: am437x-sk: fix for new newhaven display module revision
ARM: dts: am437x-sk: reduce col-scan-delay-us

Filipe Manana (1):
Btrfs: fix wrong mapping flags for free space inode

Florian Fainelli (3):
MAINTAINERS: Update mach-bcm maintainers list
MAINTAINERS: Remove Christian Daudt for mach-bcm
MAINTAINERS: Update brcmstb entry

Gregory CLEMENT (2):
ARM: mvebu: armada-xp-openblocks-ax3-4: Disable internal RTC
rtc: armada38x: fix concurrency access in armada38x_rtc_set_time

Grygorii Strashko (2):
mmc: core: add missing pm event in mmc_pm_notify to fix hib restore
ARM: dts: am57xx-beagle-x15: Fix IRQ type for mcp7941x

Guenter Roeck (1):
util_macros.h: have array pointer point to array of constants

Guy Shapiro (2):
IB/core: dma map/unmap locking optimizations
IB/core: dma unmap optimizations

Hans Verkuil (1):
[media] marvell-ccic: fix Y'CbCr ordering

Hariprasad S (5):
iw_cxgb4: Cleanup register defines/MACROS
iw_cxgb4: 32b platform fixes
iw_cxgb4: use BAR2 GTS register for T5 kernel mode CQs
iw_cxgb4: enforce qp/cq id requirements
iw_cxgb4: Remove negative advice dmesg warnings

He Kuang (1):
perf probe: Fix bug with global variables handling

Heiko Stuebner (1):
rockchip: make sure timer7 is enabled on rk3288 platforms

Hidehiro Kawai (1):
ipmi: Fix a problem that messages are not issued in run_to_completion mode

Honggang LI (1):
IB/core: change rdma_gid2ip into void function as it always return zero

Illia Smyrnov (1):
bus: omap_l3_noc: Fix offset for DRA7 CLK1_HOST_CLK1_2 instance

Ingo Molnar (1):
x86/mm: Clean up types in xlate_dev_mem_ptr()

Ivan T. Ivanov (4):
pinctrl: qcom-spmi: Fix pin direction configuration
pinctrl: qcom-spmi-gpio: Fix output type configuration
pinctrl: qcom-spmi-gpio: Fix input value report
pinctrl: qcom-spmi-mpp: Fix input value report

Jaegeuk Kim (2):
Revert "f2fs: enhance multi-threads performance"
f2fs: fix wrong error hanlder in f2fs_follow_link

Jani Nikula (1):
drm/i915/dp: there is no audio on port A

Jason Gunthorpe (1):
RDMA/CMA: Canonize IPv4 on IPV6 sockets properly

Javier Martinez Canillas (2):
ARM: dts: Make DP a consumer of DISP1 power domain on Exynos5420
ARM: dts: Add keep-power-in-suspend to WiFi SDIO node for exynos5250-snow

Jean Delvare (1):
thinkpad_acpi: Fix warning for static not at beginning

Jiang Liu (1):
x86/PCI/ACPI: Make all resources except [io 0xcf8-0xcff]
available on PCI bus

Jiri Olsa (1):
perf/x86/intel: Add cpu_(prepare|starting|dying) for core_pmu

Joe Perches (2):
ipmi: Remove incorrect use of seq_has_overflowed
kasan: show gcc version requirements in Kconfig and Documentation

Johan Hovold (1):
gpio: sysfs: fix memory leaks and device hotplug

Junxiao Bi (1):
ocfs2: dlm: fix race between purge and get lock resource

Keith Busch (1):
NVMe: Fix VPD B0 max sectors translation

Koji Matsuoka (1):
[media] media: soc_camera: rcar_vin: Fix wait_for_completion

Laurent Pinchart (2):
[media] v4l: omap4iss: Replace outdated OMAP4 control pad API with syscon
ARM: shmobile: koelsch: Fix adv7511 IRQ sensing

Linus Torvalds (1):
Linux 4.1-rc3

Luis R. Rodriguez (2):
IB/qib: add acounting for MTRR
IB/qib: use arch_phys_wc_add()

Lukas Wunner (2):
drm/i915: Assume dual channel LVDS if pixel clock necessitates it
drm/i915: Add missing MacBook Pro models with dual channel LVDS

Marc Dionne (1):
x86: Make cpu_tss available to external modules

Marc Zyngier (1):
irqchip: gic: Drop support for gic_arch_extn

Marek Szyprowski (1):
ARM: 8347/1: dma-mapping: fix off-by-one check in arm_setup_iommu_dma_ops

Marek Vasut (1):
ARM: dts: imx28: Fix AUART4 TX-DMA interrupt name

Mario Kleiner (2):
drm/tegra: Don't use vblank_disable_immediate on incapable driver.
drm: Zero out invalid vblank timestamp in drm_update_vblank_count.

Mark Salter (1):
drivers: CCI: fix used_mask init in validate_group()

Markus Pargmann (1):
ARM: dts: imx25: Add #pwm-cells to pwm4

Markus Reichl (1):
ARM: dts: add 'rtc_src' clock to rtc node for exynos4412-odroid boards

Minchan Kim (1):
zram: add Designated Reviewer for zram in MAINTAINERS

Ming Lei (2):
blk-mq: fix race between timeout and CPU hotplug
blk-mq: fix CPU hotplug handling

Namhyung Kim (2):
tools lib traceevent: Fix build failure on 32-bit arch
perf report: Fix -T/--threads option to work again

Naoya Horiguchi (4):
mm/memory-failure: call shake_page() when error hits thp tail page
mm: soft-offline: fix num_poisoned_pages counting on concurrent events
mm/hwpoison-inject: fix refcounting in no-injection case
mm/hwpoison-inject: check PageLRU of hpage

NeilBrown (1):
block: destroy bdi before blockdev is unregistered.

Nicolas Ferre (1):
MAINTAINERS: replace an AT91 maintainer

Nishanth Menon (4):
ARM: dts: am57xx-beagle-x15: Fix RTC aliases
ARM: dts: am57xx-beagle-x15: Switch UART mux pins
ARM: dts: am57xx-beagle-x15: Switch GPIO fan number
ARM: dts: dra7: Fix efuse register size for ABB

Oded Gabbay (2):
drm/amdkfd: allow unregister process with queues
drm/amdkfd: Don't report local memory size

Paul E. McKenney (1):
rcu: Control grace-period delays directly from value

Pavel Machek (1):
ARM: dts: OMAP3-N900: Add microphone bias voltages

Petr Holasek (2):
perf bench numa: Fixes of --quiet argument
perf bench numa: Fix immediate meeting of convergence condition

Philipp Zabel (1):
ARM: dts: imx6: phyFLEX: USB VBUS control is active-high

Philippe Coval (1):
ideapad_laptop: Add Lenovo G40-30 to devices without radio switch

Philippe De Muyter (1):
rtc: add rtc-abx80x, a driver for the Abracon AB x80x i2c rtc

Qipeng Zha (1):
gpiolib: change gpio pin from unsigned to signed in acpi callback

Rabin Vincent (1):
Revert "dm crypt: fix deadlock when async crypto algorithm returns -EBUSY"

Rafael J. Wysocki (1):
ACPI / documentation: Fix ambiguity in the GPIO properties document

Robert Jarzmik (3):
ARM: pxa: pxa_cplds: add lubbock and mainstone IO
ARM: pxa: mainstone: use new pxa_cplds driver
ARM: pxa: lubbock: use new pxa_cplds driver

Roger Quadros (2):
genirq: Set IRQCHIP_SKIP_SET_WAKE flag for dummy_irq_chip
ARM: omap2plus_defconfig: Enable EXTCON_USB_GPIO

Ross Lagerwall (1):
efivarfs: Ensure VariableName is NUL-terminated

Roy Franz (1):
x86/efi: Store upper bits of command line buffer address in

Rusty Russell (1):
m32r: make flush_cpumask non-volatile.

Ryusuke Konishi (1):
nilfs2: fix sanity check of btree level in nilfs_btree_root_broken()

Sebastian Reichel (1):
ARM: dts: omap3: Add #iommu-cells to isp and iva iommu

Shaohua Li (2):
blk-mq: fix FUA request hang
blk-mq: don't lose requests if a stopped queue restarts

Shawn Guo (1):
ARM: dts: imx6qdl-sabreauto: remove pinctrl-assert-gpios

Sonika Jindal (1):
drm/i915: Sink rate read should be saved in deca-kHz

Sonny Rao (2):
perf/x86/intel/uncore: Add support for Intel Haswell ULT (lower
power Mobile Processor) IMC uncore PMUs
perf/x86/intel/uncore: Move PCI IDs for IMC to uncore driver

Stefan Wahren (1):
ARM: dts: imx23-olinuxino: Fix dr_mode of usb0

Stefano Stabellini (1):
xen: Add __GFP_DMA flag when xen_swiotlb_init gets free pages on ARM

Steve Wise (1):
RDMA/cxgb4: Report the actual address of the remote connecting peer

Suman Anna (1):
bus: omap_l3_noc: Fix master id address decoding for OMAP5

Tahsin Erdogan (1):
x86/spinlocks: Fix regression in spinlock contention detection

Takeshi Kihara (1):
mmc: sh_mmcif: Fix timeout value for command request

Tatyana Nikolova (2):
RDMA/core: Enable the iWarp Port Mapper to provide the actual
address of the connecting peer to its clients
RDMA/nes: Report the actual address of the remote connecting peer

Tejun Heo (1):
writeback: use |1 instead of +1 to protect against div by zero

Tony Lindgren (2):
ARM: OMAP2+: Fix omap off idle power consumption creeping up
gpio: omap: Fix regression for MPUIO interrupts

Ulf Hansson (3):
ARM: ux500: Move GPIO regulator for SD-card into board DTSs
ARM: ux500: Enable GPIO regulator for SD-card for HREF boards
ARM: ux500: Enable GPIO regulator for SD-card for snowball

Valentin Rothberg (2):
ARM: 8348/1: remove comments on CPU_ARM1020_CPU_IDLE
ARM: 8349/1: arch/arm/mm/proc-arm925.S: remove dead #ifdef block

Viresh Kumar (1):
clockevents: Shutdown detached clockevent device

Wang Nan (2):
perf top: Fix a segfault when kernel map is restricted.
perf probe: Fix segfault if passed with ''.

Wang YanQing (1):
block:bounce: fix call inc_|dec_zone_page_state on different
pages confuse value of NR_BOUNCE

Wei Yongjun (1):
ipmi: Remove unused including <linux/version.h>

Will Deacon (3):
perf kmem: Consistently use PRIu64 for printing u64 values
ARM: 8351/1: perf: don't warn about missing interrupt-affinity
property for PPIs
ARM: 8352/1: perf: Fix the pmu node name in warning message

Witold Szczeponik (1):
ACPI / PNP: add two IDs to list for PNPACPI device enumeration

Wolfram Sang (1):
ARM: mach-imx: devices: platform-sdhci-esdhc-imx: fix broken email address

Xihan Zhang (1):
drm/amdkfd: Initialize sdma vm when creating sdma queue

Yann Droneaud (1):
MAINTAINERS: add include/rdma/ to InfiniBand subsystem

Yury Norov (1):
lib: delete lib/find_last_bit.c

Zhangfei Gao (2):
mmc: dw_mmc: init desc in dw_mci_idmac_init
mmc: dw_mmc: dw_mci_get_cd check MMC_CAP_NONREMOVABLE

monk.liu (1):
drm/radeon: fix userptr BO unpin bug v3

Ãlvaro FernÃndez Rojas (1):
hwrng: bcm63xx - Fix driver compilation
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