Re: [PATCH v2 0/6] Btrfs: show subvolume name and ID in /proc/mounts

From: Omar Sandoval
Date: Mon May 11 2015 - 17:20:13 EST

On Mon, May 11, 2015 at 04:51:37PM +0200, David Sterba wrote:
> On Mon, May 11, 2015 at 02:42:58AM -0700, Omar Sandoval wrote:
> > Sorry for the long-winded email! Thoughts, David, Qu?
> I'm ok with the approach and the patchset as a whole. There was one
> minor issue with the aliasing of the toplevel subvolume (id 0 or 5).
> I'll post a comment to the patch.

Thanks a lot for the review, I appreciate it.

I had to resolve a couple of minor conflicts rebasing this on v4.1-rc3
(due to the dentry->d_inode to d_inode(dentry) conversion), so I can
resend this soon if there are aren't any other issues.

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