Re: [PATCH v6 0/6] arm64: Add kernel probes (kprobes) support

From: David Long
Date: Tue May 12 2015 - 01:54:45 EST

On 05/05/15 11:48, Will Deacon wrote:
On Tue, May 05, 2015 at 06:14:51AM +0100, David Long wrote:
On 05/01/15 21:44, William Cohen wrote:
Dave Long and I did some additional experimentation to better
understand what is condition causes the kernel to sometimes spew:

Unexpected kernel single-step exception at EL1

The functioncallcount.stp test instruments the entry and return of
every function in the mm files, including kfree. In most cases the
arm64 trampoline_probe_handler just determines which return probe
instance matches the current conditions, runs the associated handler,
and recycles the return probe instance for another use by placing it
on a hlist. However, it is possible that a return probe instance has
been set up on function entry and the return probe is unregistered
before the return probe instance fires. In this case kfree is called
by the trampoline handler to remove the return probe instances related
to the unregistered kretprobe. This case where the the kprobed kfree
is called within the arm64 trampoline_probe_handler function trigger
the problem.

The kprobe breakpoint for the kfree call from within the
trampoline_probe_handler is encountered and started, but things go
wrong when attempting the single step on the instruction.

It took a while to trigger this problem with the sytemtap testsuite.
Dave Long came up with steps that reproduce this more quickly with a
probed function that is always called within the trampoline handler.
Trying the same on x86_64 doesn't trigger the problem. It appears
that the x86_64 code can handle a single step from within the

I'm assuming there are no plans for supporting software breakpoint debug
exceptions during processing of single-step exceptions, any time soon on
arm64. Given that the only solution that I can come with for this is
instead of making this orphaned kretprobe instance list exist only
temporarily (in the scope of the kretprobe trampoline handler), make it
always exist and kfree any items found on it as part of a periodic
cleanup running outside of the handler context. I think these changes
would still all be in archiecture-specific code. This doesn't feel to
me like a bad solution. Does anyone think there is a simpler way out of

Just to clarify, is the problem here the software breakpoint exception,
or trying to step the faulting instruction whilst we were already handling
a step?

Sorry for the delay, I got tripped up with some global optimizations that happened when I made more testing changes. When the kprobes software breakpoint handler for kretprobes is reentered it sets up the single-step and that ends up hitting inside entry.S, apparently in el1_undef.

I think I'd be inclined to keep the code run in debug context to a minimum.
We already can't block there, and the more code we add the more black spots
we end up with in the kernel itself. The alternative would be to make your
kprobes code re-entrant, but that sounds like a nightmare.

You say this works on x86. How do they handle it? Is the nested probe
on kfree ignored or handled?

Will Cohen's email pointing out x86 does not use a breakpoint for the trampoline handler explains a lot. I'm experimenting starting with his proposed new trampoline code. I can't see a reason this can't be made to work and so given everything it doesn't seem interesting to try and understand the failure in reentering the kprobe break handler in any more detail.

-dave long

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