Re: [PATCH 09/13] KVM: x86: save/load state on SMM switch

From: Paolo Bonzini
Date: Wed May 13 2015 - 02:58:17 EST

On 13/05/2015 01:56, Bandan Das wrote:
> I think it's ok just to replace the offset number with a name.
> If you are concerned about readability, we could probably wrap the
> "for loops" in the math calculations with a more serious sounding macro
> eg. "#define foreach_smm_offset(val, start_offset, jump, count)" :)

That doesn't help. The problem is that the for loops assume that you
know that the offsets are at a constant distance, plus the distance.
This is already not trivial for the registers (is RAX at the highest or
lowest offset); but it could even be worse than hardcoded offsets for
selectors and descriptor caches.

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