Re: xfs: does mkfs.xfs require fancy switches to get decent performance? (was Tux3 Report: How fast can we fsync?)

From: Daniel Phillips
Date: Wed May 13 2015 - 15:37:39 EST

On 05/13/2015 12:09 PM, Martin Steigerwald wrote:
> Daniel, what are you trying to achieve here?
> I thought you wanted to create interest for your filesystem and acceptance
> for merging it.
> What I see you are actually creating tough is something different.
> Is what you see after you send your mails really what you want to see? If
> notâ why not? And if you seek change, where can you create change?

That is the question indeed, whether to try and change the system
while merging, or just keep smiling and get the job done. The problem
is, I am just too stupid to realize that I can't change the system,
which is famously unpleasant for submitters.

> I really like to see Tux3 inside the kernel for easier testing, yet I also
> see that the way you, in your oppinion, "defend" it, does not seem to move
> that goal any closer, quite the opposite. It triggers polarity and
> resistance.
> I believe it to be more productive to work together with the people who will
> decide about what goes into the kernel and the people whose oppinions are
> respected by them, instead of against them.

Obviously true.

> "Assume good faith" can help here. No amount of accusing people of bad
> intention will change them. The only thing you have the power to change is
> your approach. You absolutely and ultimately do not have the power to change
> other people. You canÂt force Tux3 in by sheer willpower or attacking
> people.
> On any account for anyone discussing here: I believe that any personal
> attacks, counter-attacks or "you are wrong" kind of speech will not help to
> move this discussion out of the circling it seems to be in at the moment.

Thanks for the sane commentary. I have the power to change my behavior.
But if nobody else changes their behavior, the process remains just as
unpleasant for us as it ever was (not just me!). Obviously, this is
not the first time I have been through this, and it has never been
pleasant. After a while, contributors just get tired of the grind and
move on to something more fun. I know I did, and I am far from the
only one.


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