Re: [PATCH 0/3] A few small fixups to the alarmtimer-suspend test

From: Shuah Khan
Date: Wed May 13 2015 - 20:40:01 EST

On 05/13/2015 05:16 PM, John Stultz wrote:
> On Wed, May 13, 2015 at 4:04 PM, Shuah Khan <shuahkh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> On 05/13/2015 04:13 PM, John Stultz wrote:
>>> Hey Shuah,
>>> Wanted to send along a few small fixups to the alarmtimer-suspend
>>> test that I had pending.
>>> Let me know if you have any objections or feedback.
>> Hi John,
>> No issues with these. We are tweaking sleep and suspend
>> times. The nature of the beast I am guessing. I gave it
>> test run and looks good. I would like to get these into
>> rc5. Patches 1 and 3 look like critical fixes to
>> me. I will wait a couple of days for any reviews comments
>> before I apply them to linux-kselftest fixes.
> I'd not claim any of them are actually urgent. So if you'd rather
> queue these for 4.2 I'm fine with it.

Applied to linux-kselftest next for 4.2

-- Shuah

Shuah Khan
Sr. Linux Kernel Developer
Open Source Innovation Group
Samsung Research America (Silicon Valley)
shuahkh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx | (970) 217-8978
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