Re: [PATCH] SubmittingPatches: Clarify requirements for patches directed toward stable

From: Jonathan Corbet
Date: Thu May 14 2015 - 13:53:41 EST

On Thu, 14 May 2015 00:06:48 +0000
Luke Dashjr <luke@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I misunderstood this section as simply asking me to add an email Cc, and
> was unaware of the existence of Documentation/stable_kernel_rules.txt.
> Hopefully this clarification will help save maintainers and new/rare
> submitters time in the future.

It's a good change, but I think it's worth going a bit further: you
really don't need to email the patch to stable@ at all if the CC line
appears in the patch itself. The patch will automatically come to the
attention of the right folks once the patch hits the mainline.

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