Re: More updates for event lists in perf list

From: Sukadev Bhattiprolu
Date: Sun May 31 2015 - 23:34:14 EST

Andi Kleen [andi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx] wrote:
| This adds support for the event topics that Ingo requested, and
| replaces the earlier event group patch. JSON files now have a Topic
| header that is used by perf list to group events.
| This applies on top of Sukadev's patchkit. In addition
| the Intel events also need to be pulled from
| git:// perf/intel-json-files-3

I addressed comments, rebased to Arnaldo's tree and pushed all patches to:


json-v12 (code only)
json-files-3 (x86 and powerpc data files only)

Please let me know if they work for you. I will email the patches for
the code in a day or so.


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