Re: [RFC PATCH 06/18] signal/kthread: Initial implementation of kthread signal handling

From: Petr Mladek
Date: Tue Jun 16 2015 - 03:54:29 EST

On Mon 2015-06-15 21:14:29, Oleg Nesterov wrote:
> Ah, understand. You think that we need to take ->siglock in advance
> to avoid the race with SIGCONT?


> No, we don't. Let me show you the code I suggested again:
> void kthread_do_signal_stop(void)
> {
> spin_lock_irq(&curtent->sighand->siglock);
> if (current->jobctl & JOBCTL_STOP_DEQUEUED)
> __set_current_state(TASK_STOPPED);
> spin_unlock_irq(&current->sighand->siglock);
> schedule();
> }
> so you can dequeue_signal() and call kthread_do_signal_stop() without
> holding ->siglock. We can rely on JOBCTL_STOP_DEQUEUED bit. SIGCONT
> clears it, so kthread_do_signal_stop() can't race.

Heureka, I have got it. I have previously missed the meaning of the
JOBCTL_STOP_DEQUEUED bit. Thanks for explanation.

Best Regards,
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