[PATCH] tools/perf, rbtree: Add RCU wrappers to make rbtree.h usable in user-space

From: Ingo Molnar
Date: Wed Jun 17 2015 - 05:17:22 EST

* Riku Voipio <riku.voipio@xxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi,
> The commit:
> commit d72da4a4d973d8a0a0d3c97e7cdebf287fbe3a99
> Author: Peter Zijlstra <peterz@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Date: Wed May 27 11:09:36 2015 +0930
> rbtree: Make lockless searches non-fatal
> Adds <linux/rcupdate.h> to rbtree.h, which in turn is included from perf userspace
> headers. Now building tools/perf will fail with hundreds of lines of gcc complaining
> about kernel defines not available. Reverting the patch makes perf build again.
> This is with gcc-4.9 from debian but I don't think it's compiler specific.

Does the patch below make things work?

This fix could go into the modules tree, as this commit came via Rusty.

Stephen, feel free to add:

make -C tools/perf

to the linux-next build tests. It's always supposed to build without failure, in
pretty much whatever x86 distro you run your build tests on.