Re: [RESEND PATCH 0/4] ppc64 LE ABI v2 ftrace-with-regs implementation

From: Steven Rostedt
Date: Thu Jun 18 2015 - 12:55:55 EST

On Thu, 18 Jun 2015 18:17:27 +0200
Torsten Duwe <duwe@xxxxxx> wrote:

> Did I miss anything else? I have the notrace optimisations and
> kernel live patching in the queue, which depends on this, so I'd
> really appreciate a comment whether it is acceptable in this form
> or not. Thanks in advance!
> Torsten

I applied these patches against v4.1-rc8 and I get this compiling it
for my electra:

/work/autotest/nobackup/powerpc-test.git/arch/powerpc/kernel/entry_64.S: Assembler messages:
/work/autotest/nobackup/powerpc-test.git/arch/powerpc/kernel/entry_64.S:1165: Error: unknown pseudo-op: `.localentry'
/work/autotest/nobackup/powerpc-test.git/arch/powerpc/kernel/entry_64.S:1189: Error: unknown pseudo-op: `.localentry'
/work/autotest/nobackup/powerpc-test.git/arch/powerpc/kernel/entry_64.S:1271: Error: unknown pseudo-op: `.localentry'
/work/autotest/nobackup/powerpc-test.git/scripts/ recipe for target 'arch/powerpc/kernel/entry_64.o' failed
make[2]: *** [arch/powerpc/kernel/entry_64.o] Error 1

Config attached.

-- Steve

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