Re: [PATCH V6 08/17] perf tools: Add Intel PT support

From: Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo
Date: Tue Jun 23 2015 - 11:16:09 EST

Em Tue, Jun 23, 2015 at 09:29:34AM +0300, Adrian Hunter escreveu:
> On 23/06/15 02:00, Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo wrote:
> > [root@zoo ~]# rpm -q glibc-debuginfo
> > glibc-debuginfo-2.20-8.fc21.x86_64

> > But then, it didn't even resolve the DSO, which it should, as I did manually :-/

> > Will continue investigating... Perhaps this is fixed in another patch? What I
> > have test merged so far is at my tmp.perf/pt branch.

> I tried the same commands with perf tools from that branch (tmp.perf/pt) and
> it seemed to work fine.

> One reason for not getting symbols is compiling perf tools without ELF support.

sure, but that is not the case here. But yeah, I'll try and triple check
everything, next time will add the list of features detected to the
problem report, so that you know which features were detected.

- Arnaldo
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