[PATCH 0/4] i2c: move client binding docs to proper place

From: Wolfram Sang
Date: Sat Aug 08 2015 - 14:31:32 EST

The I2C binding directory is for master controllers, muxes and alike. Not for
client drivers. Move those who slipped in to their proper places.

I'd like to take these patches via my tree, so it is promptly cleaned up in one
go. So, I am mainly asking for acks here.



Wolfram Sang (4):
rtc: bq32k: move binding docs to proper place
hwmon: max6697: move binding docs to proper place
hwmon: ina2xx: move binding docs to proper place
hwmon: ina209: move binding docs to proper place

Documentation/devicetree/bindings/{i2c => hwmon}/ina209.txt | 0
Documentation/devicetree/bindings/{i2c => hwmon}/ina2xx.txt | 0
Documentation/devicetree/bindings/{i2c => hwmon}/max6697.txt | 0
Documentation/devicetree/bindings/{i2c => rtc}/ti,bq32k.txt | 0
4 files changed, 0 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-)
rename Documentation/devicetree/bindings/{i2c => hwmon}/ina209.txt (100%)
rename Documentation/devicetree/bindings/{i2c => hwmon}/ina2xx.txt (100%)
rename Documentation/devicetree/bindings/{i2c => hwmon}/max6697.txt (100%)
rename Documentation/devicetree/bindings/{i2c => rtc}/ti,bq32k.txt (100%)


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