[PATCH 53/74] clockevents/drivers/sh_cmt: Remove obsolete sh-cmt-48 platform_device_id entry

From: Daniel Lezcano
Date: Mon Aug 10 2015 - 06:01:42 EST

From: Geert Uytterhoeven <geert+renesas@xxxxxxxxx>

Since the removal of the r8a7740 legacy SoC code in commit
44d88c754e57a6d9 ("ARM: shmobile: Remove legacy SoC code for R-Mobile
A1"), all former users of the "sh-cmt-48-gen2" platform device name are
only supported in generic DT-only ARM multi-platform builds. The driver
doesn't need to match platform devices by name anymore, hence remove the
corresponding platform_device_id entry.

Signed-off-by: Geert Uytterhoeven <geert+renesas@xxxxxxxxx>
Signed-off-by: Daniel Lezcano <daniel.lezcano@xxxxxxxxxx>
Acked-by: Simon Horman <horms+renesas@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
drivers/clocksource/sh_cmt.c | 1 -
1 file changed, 1 deletion(-)

diff --git a/drivers/clocksource/sh_cmt.c b/drivers/clocksource/sh_cmt.c
index e903026..33c3377 100644
--- a/drivers/clocksource/sh_cmt.c
+++ b/drivers/clocksource/sh_cmt.c
@@ -929,7 +929,6 @@ static int sh_cmt_map_memory(struct sh_cmt_device *cmt)
static const struct platform_device_id sh_cmt_id_table[] = {
{ "sh-cmt-16", (kernel_ulong_t)&sh_cmt_info[SH_CMT_16BIT] },
{ "sh-cmt-32", (kernel_ulong_t)&sh_cmt_info[SH_CMT_32BIT] },
- { "sh-cmt-48", (kernel_ulong_t)&sh_cmt_info[SH_CMT_48BIT] },
{ }
MODULE_DEVICE_TABLE(platform, sh_cmt_id_table);

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