Re: [PATCH 07/10] sched: Migrate sched to use new tick dependency mask model

From: Peter Zijlstra
Date: Mon Aug 10 2015 - 10:29:03 EST

On Mon, Aug 10, 2015 at 04:16:58PM +0200, Frederic Weisbecker wrote:

> I considered many times relying on hrtick btw but everyone seem to say it has a lot
> of overhead, especially due to clock reprogramming on schedule() calls.

Yeah, I have some vague ideas of how to take out much of that overhead
(tglx will launch frozen sharks at me I suspect), but we cannot get
around the overhead of actually having to program the hardware and that
is still a significant amount on many machines.

Supposedly machines with TSC deadline are better, but I've not tried
to benchmark that.
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