Re: [Patch v3] driver/i2c/mux: Add register-based mux i2c-mux-reg

From: Wolfram Sang
Date: Tue Aug 11 2015 - 12:16:23 EST

> >> + if (of_find_property(np, "little-endian", NULL)) {
> >
> > You should check for a "big-endian" property as well, no?
> I use the little-endian as an option to indicate the nature of litten-endian
> register. It is default to big-endian if this property doesn't exist. I prefer
> this way unless you strongly suggest to add both and throw out an error if
> neither exists.

I'd think that "little-endian" or "big-endian" force a setting. If none
is present, we shall take the CPU endianess. Or am I overlooking

Oh, and I forgot the biggest issue: I get build errors, because
__LITTLE_ENDIAN__ should be __LITTLE_ENDIAN. Is this a recent change or
why did it work for you?

Thanks for the quick response,


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