Re: [PATCH v4 2/2] mm: hugetlb: proc: add HugetlbPages field to /proc/PID/status

From: David Rientjes
Date: Wed Aug 12 2015 - 16:30:33 EST

On Wed, 12 Aug 2015, Naoya Horiguchi wrote:

> Currently there's no easy way to get per-process usage of hugetlb pages, which
> is inconvenient because userspace applications which use hugetlb typically want
> to control their processes on the basis of how much memory (including hugetlb)
> they use. So this patch simply provides easy access to the info via
> /proc/PID/status.
> With this patch, for example, /proc/PID/status shows a line like this:
> HugetlbPages: 20480 kB (10x2048kB)
> If your system supports and enables multiple hugepage sizes, the line looks
> like this:
> HugetlbPages: 1069056 kB (1x1048576kB 10x2048kB)
> , so you can easily know how many hugepages in which pagesize are used by a
> process.
> Signed-off-by: Naoya Horiguchi <n-horiguchi@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

I'm happy with this and thanks very much for going the extra mile and
breaking the usage down by hstate size.

I'd be interested in the comments of others, though, to see if there is
any reservation about the hstate size breakdown. It may actually find no
current customer who is interested in parsing it. (If we keep it, I would
suggest the 'x' change to '*' similar to per-order breakdowns in
show_mem()). It may also be possible to add it later if a definitive
usecase is presented.

But overall I'm very happy with the new addition and think it's a good
solution to the problem.
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