Re: [GIT PULL] MODSIGN: Use PKCS#7 for module signatures [ver #8]

From: David Howells
Date: Wed Aug 12 2015 - 22:56:20 EST

David Howells <dhowells@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> > I'm still seeing these warnings:
> >
> > scripts/sign-file.c: In function âmainâ:
> > scripts/sign-file.c:188: warning: value computed is not used
> Ummm... What do you see on line 188? "BIO_reset(b);"? If so, that seems to
> be an openssl bug. b is created four lines above and definitely used on the
> following line, so the problem must lie with the BIO_reset() function or
> macro.

It seems that the definition of BIO_reset() is the same in 1.0.1e as in

I was assuming that the value computed that is not being used is 'b' or some
internal state, but I can't see how that is the case. I think it's actually
the result of the function - which is being cast, otherwise your compiler
would just ignore it.

I presume you're using the RHEL-6 compiler?

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