Re: [PATCH] IGMP: Inhibit reports for local multicast groups

From: Andrew Lunn
Date: Thu Aug 13 2015 - 12:14:01 EST

On Thu, Aug 13, 2015 at 02:48:23PM +0000, Philip Downey wrote:
> Hi David
> Thanks for taking the time to review and comment.
> This is my first upstream request so please forgive any ignorance on my part. I have added a new proposed commit wording below with a view to agreeing the content before resubmitting the patch.
> I hope it is sufficient to address your concerns.
> IGMP: Inhibit reports for local multicast groups
> The range of addresses between and
> inclusive, is reserved for the use of routing protocols and other
> low-level topology discovery or maintenance protocols, such as
> gateway discovery and group membership reporting. Multicast
> routers should not forward any multicast datagram with destination
> addresses in this range, regardless of its TTL.
> Currently, IGMP reports are generated for this reserved range of
> addresses even though a router will ignore this information since
> it has no purpose.

Hi Philip

What about switches which are doing IGMP snooping?

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