Re: [PATCH v2 0/3] Introduce usb charger framework to deal with the usb gadget power negotation

From: Baolin Wang
Date: Fri Aug 14 2015 - 07:05:04 EST

On 14 August 2015 at 16:55, Li Jun <b47624@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi Baolin,
> On Fri, Aug 14, 2015 at 05:47:43PM +0800, Baolin Wang wrote:
>> Currently the Linux kernel does not provide any standard integration of this
>> feature that integrates the USB subsystem with the system power regulation
>> provided by PMICs meaning that either vendors must add this in their kernels
>> or USB gadget devices based on Linux (such as mobile phones) may not behave
>> as they should.
>> Providing a standard framework for doing this in the kernel.
> Why not add power supply class support into this?

Hi Jun,

We don't need the power supply class support into the usb charger,
just introduce the notify mechanism for power to set the current limit
when notifying some events from usb charger. Maybe I misunderstand
your meanings, please describe it detailedly. Thanks for your

> Li Jun

Best Regards
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