[PATCHv6 0/6] iio: mma8452: improve driver and support more chips

From: Martin Kepplinger
Date: Tue Sep 01 2015 - 07:54:21 EST

Version 6 of the mma8452 driver improvements. This is rebased on the current
-next tree because of cleanup changes in the meantime. Also, the patches are
slightly more cleaned up (adding the DT bindings document in the right patch).
Here we go:

These changes add support for motion interrupts and 3 more accelerometer
chips, two of which use them because they don't support the until now
included transient interrupt sources:

MMA8453Q, MMA8652FC and MMA8653FC; datasheets are in the commit messages.
The driver and module name remains the same, seperating it from the device
names it now supports.

Please review and test if you can. For MMA8452Q, nothing should have

revision history
v6 rebase! remove one patch (adding a new DT property). minor patch cleanup.
v5 DRIVER_NAME define removed; more flexible DT property
v4 cleanup; one bugfix patch removed from series; DT people added
v3 adds one patch to allow all possible pin wirings; adds more email
v2 splits the work into a series of smaller pieces
v1 initial post

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