Re: [PATCH 1/2] selftests/zram: must be run as root

From: Shuah Khan
Date: Tue Sep 01 2015 - 12:55:43 EST

On 08/31/2015 05:41 AM, naresh.kamboju@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> From: Naresh Kamboju <naresh.kamboju@xxxxxxxxxx>
> Adding new functionality check_prereqs() to check test must be run as root
> Signed-off-by: Naresh Kamboju <naresh.kamboju@xxxxxxxxxx>
> ---

Thanks. Applied to linux-kselftest next for 4.3-rc1

-- Shuah

Shuah Khan
Sr. Linux Kernel Developer
Open Source Innovation Group
Samsung Research America (Silicon Valley)
shuahkh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx | (970) 217-8978
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