Re: [PATCH] staging: ipath: fix build failure

From: Doug Ledford
Date: Tue Sep 01 2015 - 12:59:53 EST

On 09/01/2015 12:54 PM, Jim Davis wrote:
> On Tue, Sep 1, 2015 at 7:52 AM, Doug Ledford <dledford@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> On 09/01/2015 09:01 AM, Sudip Mukherjee wrote:
>>> building of ipath depends on infiniband. And if ipath is selected and
>>> infiniband is not then build fails with:
>>> ERROR: "ib_alloc_device" [drivers/staging/ipath/ib_ipath.ko] undefined!
>>> ERROR: "ib_dealloc_device" [drivers/staging/ipath/ib_ipath.ko] undefined!
>>> ERROR: "ib_dispatch_event" [drivers/staging/ipath/ib_ipath.ko] undefined!
>>> ERROR: "ib_register_device" [drivers/staging/ipath/ib_ipath.ko] undefined!
>>> ERROR: "ib_unregister_device" [drivers/staging/ipath/ib_ipath.ko] undefined!
>>> ERROR: "ib_modify_qp_is_ok" [drivers/staging/ipath/ib_ipath.ko] undefined!
>>> ERROR: "ib_wq" [drivers/staging/ipath/ib_ipath.ko] undefined!
>>> Config at:
>>> Reported-by: Jim Davis <>
>>> Signed-off-by: Sudip Mukherjee <sudip@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>>> ---
>>> drivers/staging/ipath/Kconfig | 1 +
>>> 1 file changed, 1 insertion(+)
>>> diff --git a/drivers/staging/ipath/Kconfig b/drivers/staging/ipath/Kconfig
>>> index 041ce06..1edc21b 100644
>>> --- a/drivers/staging/ipath/Kconfig
>>> +++ b/drivers/staging/ipath/Kconfig
>>> @@ -1,6 +1,7 @@
>>> tristate "QLogic HTX HCA support"
>>> depends on 64BIT && NET && HT_IRQ
>>> + depends on INFINIBAND
>>> ---help---
>>> This is a driver for the deprecated QLogic Hyper-Transport
>>> IB host channel adapter (model QHT7140),
>> The ipath driver was moved to staging/rdma/ipath and has proper
>> protection against being built without the InfiniBand subsystem. Where
>> are you seeing this tree? I'm curious because I no longer have this
>> driver in this location in my tree and I never pushed it anywhere other
>> than one of my trees. Is this maybe in linux-next?
> Yes;

OK. The current setup has this in drivers/staging/rdma/Kconfig:

menuconfig STAGING_RDMA
bool "RDMA staging drivers"
depends on INFINIBAND
depends on PCI || BROKEN
depends on HAS_IOMEM
depends on NET
depends on INET
default n
This option allows you to select a number of RDMA drivers that
fall into one of two categories: deprecated drivers being held
here before finally being removed or new drivers that still need
some work before being moved to the normal RDMA driver area.

If you wish to work on these drivers, to help improve them, or
to report problems you have with them, please use the
linux-rdma@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx mailing list.

If in doubt, say N here.

# Please keep entries in alphabetic order

source "drivers/staging/rdma/amso1100/Kconfig"

source "drivers/staging/rdma/hfi1/Kconfig"

source "drivers/staging/rdma/ipath/Kconfig"


As you can see, it has proper depends for all of the drivers, so no need
to add dependencies piecemeal any longer.

Doug Ledford <dledford@xxxxxxxxxx>

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