Re: [PATCH v4 03/16] drm: bridge: analogix/dp: split exynos dp driver to bridge dir

From: Yakir Yang
Date: Wed Sep 02 2015 - 23:55:31 EST

Hi Emil,

å 09/02/2015 10:50 PM, Emil Velikov åé:
[Dropping the CC list]

Hmm...Don't understand what this means. If you can explain, that
would be better, so I would not miss your suggest. :-)

Hi Yakir Yang,

On 1 September 2015 at 06:49, Yakir Yang <ykk@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Split the dp core driver from exynos directory to bridge
directory, and rename the core driver to analogix_dp_*,
leave the platform code to analogix_dp-exynos.

Signed-off-by: Yakir Yang <ykk@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Changes in v4:
- Take Rob suggest, update "analogix,hpd-gpios" to "hpd-gpios" DT propery.
- Take Jingoo suggest, rename "analogix_dp-exynos.c" file name to "exynos_dp.c"
- Take Archit suggest, create a separate folder for analogix code in bridge/

"Take X suggest", is grammatically incorrect. You should use
"suggestion(s)" or alternatively use the following approach.

- Create a separate folder for analogix code in bridge/ (Archit)

Thanks for your correct. I prefer to take the last one ;)


P.S. Why do you resend the whole series (some 10+ patches) when only a
few patches have been changed ? Are all the patches changed whist
missing that information (vX: rebase on top of A)

Yes, those 10+ patches do base on the previous changes, specially when I
rebase my series on the latest linux-next branch.

Besides, I don't know that how to send parts of this series, and keep the
unrelated patches no send. For example if the [v4 03/16] ~ [v4 10/16]
need update to v5, and [v4 11/16] ~ [v4 16/16] keep in v4.
So should I only send the [v5 03/16] ~ [v5 10/16], no need to send and
update [v4 11/16] ~ [v4 16/16] to v5 ?

If so I think it would be difficult for guys to comment, cause they can't see
the whole series in one reply list . ;)

- Yakir

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