Re: [tip:perf/urgent] perf evlist: Open event on evsel cpus and threads

From: Jiri Olsa
Date: Thu Sep 03 2015 - 15:04:20 EST

On Thu, Sep 03, 2015 at 09:38:16PM +0300, Adrian Hunter wrote:


> >
> >perf_evlist__propagate_maps is called from perf_evlist__create_maps,
> >so if evsel is added later it will not be affected, perhaps we need
> >something like below
> Yes but it would be nice to have a single function to do it that knows
> the rules for when the evsel->cpus should be retained. Say:
> int __perf_evlist__propagate_maps(struct perf_evlist *evlist, struct perf_evsel *evsel)
> then call it from perf_evlist__propagate_maps(), perf_evlist__add() and
> perf_evlist__splice_list_tail(). Probably need to add a member to perf_evlist
> to know when the evlist->cpus should replace the evsel->cpus


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