Re: [PATCH] mm/mmap.c: Only call vma_unlock_anon_vm() when failure occurs in expand_upwards() and expand_downwards()

From: Chen Gang
Date: Fri Sep 04 2015 - 06:09:55 EST

Hello all:

It seems 21cn mail can be accepted by our mailing list (I didn't receive
any rejective notification mail from our mailing list).

If it is necessary to send the patch again via git client, please let me
know, I shall try to send it again with my 21cn mail address via git

Welcome any ideas, suggestions, and completions.


On 9/1/15 21:49, Chen Gang wrote:
> Sorry for the incorrect format of the patch. So I put the patch into the
> attachment which generated by "git format-patch -M HEAD^". Please help
> check, thanks.
> Next, I shall try to find another mail address which can be accepted by
> both China and our mailing list.
> Thanks.

Chen Gang (陈刚)

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