Re: stop breaking dosemu (Re: x86/kconfig/32: Rename CONFIG_VM86 and default it to 'n')

From: Stas Sergeev
Date: Fri Sep 04 2015 - 17:25:25 EST

05.09.2015 00:16, Stas Sergeev ÐÐÑÐÑ:
I agree. vm86() is a mess.
My point is that its risky parts and useless funtionality
is _already_ known (even I can point to the particular code
parts than can simply be removed). As such, it simply had
to be re-visited and cleaned up to match at least 1 and 3
(and then maybe 5). This wasn't done, and the knob was
introduced _instead_ of doing this.
Grr, I mean it was disabled by default instead of doing this,
and the knob was only proposed, not added.
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