perf, tools: Refactor and support interval and CSV metrics v4

From: Andi Kleen
Date: Fri Sep 04 2015 - 18:47:22 EST

[v4: Addressed all review feedback.]
[v3: Addressed all review feedback. Update manpage for CSV. Various changes
(see individual patches). Remove some more redundant code
in printout callers.]
[v2: Addressed (near) all review feedback. No manpage updates so far.
Add support for --per-core metrics. Various cleanups.]
[v3: Everything compiles again. Some more cleanups.]

Currently perf stat does not support printing computed metrics for interval (-I xxx)
or CSV (-x,) mode. For example IPC or TSX metrics over time are quite useful to know.

This patch implements them. The main obstacle was that the
metrics printing was all open coded all over the metrics computation code.
The second patch refactors the metrics printing to work through call backs that
can be more easily changed. This also cleans up the metrics printing significantly.
The indentation is now handled through printf, no more need to manually count spaces.

Then based on that it implements metrics printing for CSV and interval mode.

Example output:

% perf stat -I1000 -a sleep 1
# time counts unit events metric multiplex
1.001301370 12020.049593 task-clock (msec) (100.00%)
1.001301370 3,952 context-switches # 0.329 K/sec (100.00%)
1.001301370 69 cpu-migrations # 0.006 K/sec (100.00%)
1.001301370 76 page-faults # 0.006 K/sec
1.001301370 386,582,789 cycles # 0.032 GHz (100.00%)
1.001301370 716,441,544 stalled-cycles-frontend # 185.33% frontend cycles idle (100.00%)
1.001301370 <not supported> stalled-cycles-backend
1.001301370 101,751,678 instructions # 0.26 insn per cycle
1.001301370 # 7.04 stalled cycles per insn (100.00%)
1.001301370 20,914,692 branches # 1.740 M/sec (100.00%)
1.001301370 1,943,630 branch-misses # 9.29% of all branches

CSV mode

% perf stat -x, -I1000 -a sleep 1
1.000852081,1030742150,,stalled-cycles-frontend,12010984057,100.00,199.81,frontend cycles idle
1.000852081,<not supported>,,stalled-cycles-backend,0,100.00
1.000852081,116782495,,instructions,12011130729,100.00,0.23,insn per cycle
1.000852081,,,,12011130729,100.00,8.83,stalled cycles per insn
1.000852081,1976560,,branch-misses,12010501884,100.00,8.32,of all branches

Available in
git:// perf/stat-metrics-6
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