Re: [PATCHv4 1/2] staging: wilc1000: remove FREE_WILC_BUFFER()

From: RaphaÃl Beamonte
Date: Sat Sep 05 2015 - 12:30:20 EST

Oh well. Actually you did it. I answered while pulling the git...
Sorry for that unuseful mail! :)

2015-09-05 12:25 GMT-04:00 RaphaÃl Beamonte <raphael.beamonte@xxxxxxxxx>:
> 2015-09-02 21:19 GMT-04:00 Greg Kroah-Hartman <gregkh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
>> Turns out this file is never even built, you should just remove it :)
> You're right, although it seems that is one of the "To-dos" of that
> module, as the references I find about the config variable to allow
> the compiling of that file is the following:
> bool "Preallocate memory pool during system boot"
> ---help---
> To do.
> Found on
> However, it seems that entry of the Kconfig has been removed in the
> kernel. It thus can probably be safe to remove all occurences linked
> to that option from the driver in the kernel, while the authors will
> be able to add them back when it will be a working configuration
> option. I'll do that!
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