[ANNOUNCE] util-linux v2.27

From: Karel Zak
Date: Mon Sep 07 2015 - 04:17:47 EST

The util-linux release v2.27 is available at


Feedback and bug reports, as always, are welcomed.


Util-linux 2.27 Release Notes

The command tailf is deprecated in favour of tail -f from coreutils.

The command unshare provides a new option --propagation=slave|shared|private|unchanged
to control propagation in mount namespaces. The default is "private" now. The
new default unifies unshare behavior and makes it independent of distribution
default. The unshare supports persistent namespaces too (no process has to run
to keep namespace in existence).

The command mount(8) supports read-only binds in one step by the options
"bind,ro" (command line or fstab). This feature is implemented by additional
remount mount(2) syscall and it is not atomic.

The commands fdisk and sfdisk can be compiled with GNU readline support to
improve their line-editing functionality.

The library libsmartcols and the commands findmnt, losetup, lsblk, lslocks,
sfdisk and lsipc provide output in JSON format.

The command mkfs (deprecated in favour of mkfs.<type>) does not use hard-coded
paths, but it follows $PATH.

The command script has been massively improved to be more robust and less
complex. Now all is implemented by one process which monitors the running
session by poll(), signalfd(), etc.

The command sulogin supports locked root accounts if the command-line option
--force is specified. Read the sulogin man page before you use it!

The command agetty reloads the prompt on address changes if network information
is displayed.

util-linux now supports and enables colors by default. It is possible to change
this behavior with --disable-colors-default to be more user-friendly to colorblind
people. The colors can still be enabled by editing /etc/terminal-colors.d. See

The command cfdisk displays more information about the selected partition
(partition UUID, filesystem identifiers, mountpoint, etc.). This extra window
can be toggled with the 'x' key.

The command fdisk provides a new command 'F' to print free, unpartitioned space
(gaps) on the disk. The same functionality is provided by sfdisk through the
option --list-free. The fdisk command wipes the beginning of the device by
default; the new option --protect-boot disables this behavior. The new fdisk
command 'i' provides more information about a specified partition.

The command cal supports the new options --twelve and --months <n> to display
the next twelve or <n> months.

The command rtcwake supports a new option --list-modes to list available modes,
and a new option --date for human-readable times. rtcwake does not support
RTC_ALM_READ and RTC_ALM_SET fallbacks any more.

The util-linux code is possible rebuild with --disable-assert now.

Security issues

CVE-2015-5224 - chfn, chsh file name collision due to incorrect mkstemp use if
compiled without libuser.
[thanks to Qualys Security Advisory team; qualys.com]

Stable maintenance releases between v2.26 and v2.27

util-linux 2.26.1 [Mar 3 2015]

* ftp://ftp.kernel.org/pub/linux/utils/util-linux/v2.26/v2.26.1-ReleaseNotes

util-linux 2.26.2 [Apr 4 2015]

* ftp://ftp.kernel.org/pub/linux/utils/util-linux/v2.26/v2.26.2-ReleaseNotes

Changes between v2.26 and v2.27

For more details see ChangeLog files at:

- Reprompt once the network addresses change if address displayed [Stef Walter]
- cleanup plymouth usage [coverity scan] [Karel Zak]
- make sure that reload file exists [Karel Zak]
- reload issue on --autologin --login-pause too [Karel Zak]
- support /usr/lib/os-release too [Karel Zak]
- cal add --twelve and --color options [Sami Kerola]
- handle comma-separated options [Boris Egorov]
- remove unused variables [shellcheck] [Boris Egorov]
- sync lscpu completion with code [Boris Egorov]
- update few options changed since v2.26 [Sami Kerola]
- another hint to the man page [Karel Zak]
- be more precise in the man page [Karel Zak]
- don't ignore info about partitions on non-formated devices [Karel Zak]
- make zfs detection more robust [Michal Humpula]
- add --disable-assert [Karel Zak]
- add --disable-cal [Karel Zak]
- add --disable-colors-default [Karel Zak]
- add --enable-usrdir-path [Karel Zak]
- add --with-readline [Ondrej Oprala]
- add --without-* for all libs [Karel Zak]
- add HAVE_LIBMOUNT [Karel Zak]
- add TINFO_LIBS_STATIC [Karel Zak]
- add new compiler warnings [Karel Zak]
- allow autoconf < 2.64 to be used [Kir Kolyshkin]
- allow gettext 0.17 to be used [Kir Kolyshkin]
- cleanup realtime lib usage [Karel Zak]
- define cfdisk dependence on open_memstream [Karel Zak]
- fix READLINE_LIBS_STATIC usage for fdisk [Karel Zak]
- fix parallel builds w/setarch links [Mike Frysinger]
- fix test_colors build [Karel Zak]
- fix typo [Karel Zak]
- include errno.h instead of argp.h [Chen Qi]
- make autogen.sh more robust [Karel Zak]
- mark script(1) as Linux only due to signalfd() [Karel Zak]
- ncurses is optional, don't fail when missing [Karel Zak]
- python is optional, don't fail when missing [Karel Zak]
- release++ (v2.27-rc1) [Karel Zak]
- release++ (v2.27-rc2) [Karel Zak]
- support static build with readline [Karel Zak]
- support unshare.static [Georg Schiesser]
- typo -ltinfo [Ruediger Meier]
- use REALTIME_LIBS for script [Karel Zak]
- add -Y and -n <num> [Max Klinger, Karel Zak]
- care about setuprterm() result [Karel Zak]
- check biggest week number correctly when highlighting [Sami Kerola]
- correct gregorian week numbering [Sami Kerola]
- correct the man page the reformation eliminated eleven days, not ten [Benno Schulenberg]
- fix January 1753 week number printout [Sami Kerola]
- replace magic constants with symbolical values [Sami Kerola]
- allow an uppercase X to toggle the extra info [Benno Schulenberg]
- check return value [coverity scan] [Karel Zak]
- cleanup extra partitions info for slang [Karel Zak]
- don't print obsolete CHS addresses [Karel Zak]
- fix condition logic [cppcheck] [Boris Egorov]
- make sure that extra info is refreshed/removed [Karel Zak]
- make sure that output fits to terminal width [Karel Zak]
- properly toggle extra info window, make it more robust [Karel Zak]
- provide extra partinfo with "x" [Ondrej Oprala, Karel Zak]
- remove extra line between menu and info line [Karel Zak]
- spell "label" in lower case [Benno Schulenberg]
cfdisk, sfdisk:
- remove unused variables [Karel Zak]
- document CHFN_RESTRICT /etc/login.defs [Karel Zak]
- fix --help inconsistency [Karel Zak]
- make the usage synopsis clearer [Benno Schulenberg]
- slice up the usage text and normalize its layout [Benno Schulenberg]
chsh, chfn, vipw:
- fix filenames collision [Karel Zak]
- allocate enough space for data moves [afl & asan] [Sami Kerola]
- avoid writing beyond array bound [afl & asan] [Sami Kerola]
- use #define in place of magic constants [Sami Kerola]
- cleanup man pages, add hint to usage() [Karel Zak]
- fix shadow declaration [Sami Kerola]
- highlight -T issues in docs [Karel Zak]
- use GMT in tests, add DMESG_TEST_BOOTIME [Karel Zak]
- add hint about chfn & chsh bug and thanks to qualys [Karel Zak]
- add lsblk vs. btrfs to TODO [Karel Zak]
- add mount --namespace to TODO [Karel Zak]
- add notest about drone.io and travis-ci [Karel Zak]
- add terminal-colors requests to TODO [Karel Zak]
- add v2.27-ReleaseNotes [Karel Zak]
- document --exclude for tests [Karel Zak]
- fix TODO typos [Karel Zak]
- fix gtk-docs related warnings [Karel Zak]
- fix some grammar and punctuation in the 2.27 release notes [Benno Schulenberg]
- fix some spelling errors and typos in man pages [Bill Pemberton]
- fix typo [Karel Zak]
- fstab(5) grammar / English fixes, and some other updates [Peter Cordes]
- make fsck.minix(8) more pretty [Sami Kerola]
- remove obsolete things from TODO [Karel Zak]
- unify mkswap(8) with swapon(8) about holes warning [Sami Kerola]
- update AUTHORS file [Karel Zak]
- update TODO [Karel Zak]
- update v2.27-ReleaseNotes [Karel Zak]
- use parse_switch() [Sami Kerola]
- fix error message [Karel Zak]
- add 'F' command to list free unpartitioned space [Karel Zak]
- add --protect-boot [Karel Zak]
- add GNU Readline support to fdisk [Karel Zak]
- add the 'i'nfo command [Jean-Loup 'clippix' Bogalho]
- differentiate between +<sector> and +<size>{M,G,...} [Karel Zak]
- fix readline wrapper [Karel Zak]
- fix typo [Karel Zak]
- init libsmartcols debug [Karel Zak]
- provide more information by 'i'nfo command [Karel Zak]
- value is never read [clang analyze] [Karel Zak]
fdisk, sfdisk:
- fix -o <list> backend [Karel Zak]
- add --json [Karel Zak]
- add --mountpoint command line option [Karel Zak]
- don't rely on st_dev for --target [Karel Zak]
- NULL deref [Brad Forschinger]
- add --verbose option [Sami Kerola]
- fix timeout handler pointer usage [Karel Zak]
- improve timeout handling [Sami Kerola]
- Fix parsing of -r [Stanislav Brabec]
- fix fsck -C {fd} parsing [Stanislav Brabec]
- implement fsck -r {fd} [Stanislav Brabec]
- print errors on invalid -r argument [Karel Zak]
- use PATH or fallback to /sbin [Karel Zak]
- add minix v3 support [Sami Kerola]
- be more paranoid with block buffers [coverity scan] [Karel Zak]
- introduce long options to the command [Sami Kerola]
- rename device file descriptor variable [Sami Kerola]
- close dir before exit [coverity scan] [Karel Zak]
- de-duplicate by mount source too [Karel Zak]
- use $(...) command substitution in example script [shellcheck] [Sami Kerola]
- fix man page (-x vs. default output) [Karel Zak]
- Improve FILES section [J William Piggott]
- Remove TZUTC [J William Piggott]
- add '11 minute mode' information [J William Piggott]
- add -D to the man page [Karel Zak]
- add TZDIR [J William Piggott]
- clean up man page header [Karel Zak]
- cosmetic changes to man page [Karel Zak]
- don't allow non-root access [Karel Zak]
- fix fgets unchecked return value warning on alpha [Andreas Henriksson]
- fix format warning in alpha code [Andreas Henriksson]
- fix iopl implicit declaration warning on alpha [Andreas Henriksson]
- fix signed/unsigned comparison warning on alpha [Andreas Henriksson]
- fix spelling, punctuation and formatting mistakes in the man page [Benno Schulenberg]
- flush stdout in hwclock -c [Alexey Galakhov]
- increase debug output precision [J William Piggott]
- make static analyzes more happy [Karel Zak]
- man-page errata [J William Piggott]
- non-root access in test mode [J William Piggott]
- regression fix [J William Piggott]
- remove an untrue phrase from the man page [Benno Schulenberg]
- remove dead code [J William Piggott]
- remove depreciated ntpdate [J William Piggott]
- read_all() don't retry on EOF [Karel Zak]
- Define F_DUPFD_CLOEXEC on kFreeBSD systems if missing [Guillem Jover]
- add err_oom() [Karel Zak]
- support <size>{K,M,G,...} [Karel Zak]
- Add verbose to man page. [Raghavendra D Prabhu]
- fix first (current) runlevel line [Ruediger Meier]
- fix utmplist usage [Karel Zak]
- keep array of files in main() [Karel Zak]
- remove from source tree [Sami Kerola]
- adapt print_table column width to widest entry [Tilman Schmidt]
- always set line speed and format for N_GIGASET_M101 [Tilman Schmidt]
- order line disciplines canonically [Tilman Schmidt]
- tiny coding style changes [Karel Zak]
- use 64-bit to count size in bytes [Karel Zak]
- use libtinfo to check terminal capability [Karel Zak]
- Add new dup_fd_cloexec function [Guillem Jover]
- fix compiler warnings [Karel Zak]
- add proc_get_cmdline() [Karel Zak]
- fix parse_switch resource leak [coverity scan] [Andreas Henriksson]
- extend parse_switch() to accept more options [Karel Zak]
- fix string_add_to_idarray() int vs. size_t [Karel Zak]
- make strmode() more generic [Karel Zak]
- move parse_switch() from setterm(1) to library [Sami Kerola]
- add new functions (from systemd) [Karel Zak]
- Fix /dev to /sys node name translation [Stanislav Brabec]
- Use dup_fd_cloexec instead of direct call to fcntl [Guillem Jover]
- make sysfs_next_subsystem() more robust [Karel Zak]
- rename devname functions, cleanup [Karel Zak]
- use fcntl(..F_DUPFD_CLOEXEC) instead of dup(2) [Cristian Rodríguez]
- use separate file for timers [Karel Zak]
- fix indention [smatch scan] [Karel Zak]
- (drbdmanage) add magic strings array terminator [Karel Zak]
- (drbdmanage) improve version setting code [Karel Zak]
- (nilfs2) check devise size [Karel Zak]
- (nilfs2) check size for backup superblock only [Karel Zak]
- added drbdmanage control volume detection. [Philipp Marek]
- cleanup names, don't copy probing results [Karel Zak]
- fix compiler warning [-Wunused-variable] [Karel Zak]
- fix compiler warnings [Sami Kerola]
- fix inconsistent indenting [smatch scan] [Karel Zak]
- make probing data structures more dynamic [Ondrej Oprala]
- remove dead code [coverity scan] [Karel Zak]
- use 'VERSION' rather than 'PERSISTENCE_VERSION' [Karel Zak]
- simplify some conditions [cppcheck] [Boris Egorov]
- (zfs) make less syscalls [Michal Humpula]
- (bsd) add note about non-written parental MBR [Karel Zak]
- (dos) retain existing boot flag when resizing a partition [Karel Zak, awilliam@xxxxxxxxx]
- (dos) fix cylinders calculation [Karel Zak]
- (dos) fix tiny partitions calculation [Karel Zak]
- (gpt) add API for raw partition attributes [Michael Marineau]
- (gpt) add extra check for First/Last LBA [Karel Zak]
- (gpt) add missing GUIDs [Karel Zak]
- (gpt) check header size before verify CRC [Karel Zak]
- (gpt) fix "MidnightBSD UFS" UUID [Karel Zak]
- (gpt) fix LE usage [Karel Zak]
- (gpt) fix attributes endianess [Ruediger Meier]
- (gpt) fix check for beginning of protective partition [Michael Marineau]
- (gpt) fix end sector calculation on resize [Karel Zak]
- (gpt) fix label pointer usage [smatch scan] [Karel Zak]
- (gpt) make it possible to create really small partitions [Karel Zak]
- (gpt) reorder only when necessary [Karel Zak]
- Use predictable /dev/mapper partition names for /dev/dm-N [Stanislav Brabec]
- add GPT GUIDs for ARMs [Karel Zak]
- add GPT GUIDs for PReP [Scott Moser]
- add JSON dump output [Karel Zak]
- add comment to the header file [Karel Zak]
- add fdisk_label_get_fields_ids_all() [Karel Zak]
- add fdisk_table_get_partition_by_partno() [Karel Zak]
- add fgets() callback for scripts [Karel Zak]
- add new API to read label specific data [Karel Zak]
- add warning to resize function [Karel Zak]
- add {first,last}-lba header to sfdisk scritps [Karel Zak]
- allow to change partition type for extended partitions [Karel Zak]
- allow to move start to first usable LBA [Karel Zak]
- cleanup assert() usage [Karel Zak]
- don't resize in label drivers [Karel Zak]
- don't return empty strings from fdisk_partition_to_string() [Karel Zak]
- fix fdisk_label_parse_parttype() for unknown types [Karel Zak]
- fix script parser to support resize operations [Karel Zak]
- fix scriptk parser to support alone signs [Karel Zak]
- fix symbols versioning script [Karel Zak]
- ignore misaligned optimal I/O size [Karel Zak]
- improve +0 partition size [Karel Zak]
- keep FDISK_FIELD_CYLINDERS independent on context mode [Karel Zak]
- make context->label usage more robust [smatch scan] [Karel Zak]
- recognize FAT32 partitions hidden by Acronis software [Jörg Jenderek]
- remove impossible condition [smatch scan] [Karel Zak]
- rename script functions to improve readability [Karel Zak]
- result of operation is garbage or undefined [clang analyze] [Karel Zak]
- support alignment to non power of 2 [Karel Zak]
- support bootbits protection from (p)MBR [Karel Zak]
- support resize operation in fdisk_set_partition() [Karel Zak]
- undefined or garbage value returned to caller [clang analyze] [Karel Zak]
- (docs) fix typo [Ronny Chevalier]
- (docs) fix wording [Ronny Chevalier]
- (monitor) fix docs [Karel Zak]
- add mnt_table_get_fs_root() to header file [Karel Zak]
- add note about flock() to docs [Karel Zak]
- add support for "bind,ro" [Karel Zak]
- add support for MS_LAZYTIME [Karel Zak]
- cleanup assert() usage [Karel Zak]
- cleanup fs root detection code [Karel Zak]
- do not call umount helper on --fake [Karel Zak]
- fix compiler warning [-Wdiscarded-qualifiers] [Karel Zak]
- fix mnt_monitor_event_cleanup() [Karel Zak]
- fix typo in mnt_optstr_prepend_option() [Karel Zak]
- handle arbitrary line length for mounts [Karel Zak]
- improve monitor to be usable for non-root users [Karel Zak]
- make mnt_get_filesystems() more robust [clang analyze] [Karel Zak]
- mark overlay as pseudo-FS [Karel Zak]
- sort pseudo filesystems by LC_COLLATE=C [Karel Zak]
- typo fixes [Kir Kolyshkin]
- variable dereferenced before check [smatch scan] [Karel Zak]
- add JSON output format [Karel Zak]
- don't link with tinfo [Karel Zak]
- keep JSON field names lower-case [Karel Zak]
- make child-parent reference more robust [clang analyze] [Karel Zak]
- reduce relative columns more aggressively [Karel Zak]
- return correct value for uuid_generate_time_safe [Romain Bouvier]
- --stderr and --no-act turn "auto-errors" on [Ruediger Meier]
- Add support to logger for RFC6587 octet counting [Alex Bligh]
- Fix use of errno after strtol() without zeroing first [Stef Walter]
- add --msgid option, permits to set RFC5424 MSGID field [Rainer Gerhards]
- add --no-act for testing [Karel Zak]
- add --skip-empty-lines to prevent logging empty lines [Rainer Gerhards]
- add -DTEST_LOGGER [Karel Zak]
- add comment [Karel Zak]
- add note about kern->user conversion [Karel Zak]
- bugfix missing sanity checks with --prio-prefix option [Rainer Gerhards]
- bugfix tcp syslog framing is broken, -T unusable [Rainer Gerhards]
- check for ntp_gettime() rather than for timex.h [Karel Zak]
- check xgethostname() return value [Sami Kerola]
- do not exit when socket errors are not enforced [Sami Kerola]
- fix -i argument parsing regression [Sami Kerola]
- fix -p kern.* priority is accepted regression [Rainer Gerhards]
- fix LOGGER_TEST_TIMEOFDAY check [Karel Zak]
- fix inconsistent format regression when logging locally [Rainer Gerhards]
- fix invalid timestamp in rfc5425 format [Rainer Gerhards]
- fix invalid timestamp regression in local format [Rainer Gerhards]
- fix memory leaks [Sami Kerola]
- fix multiple format bugs in rfc5424 formatter [Rainer Gerhards]
- fix rfc5424 format crash [Karel Zak]
- fix whitespace and compiler warning [-Wunused-variable] [Karel Zak]
- generate header when reading message from stdin [Patrick Plagwitz]
- improve logger --journald man page example [Michal Schmidt]
- improve readability [smatch scan] [Karel Zak]
- link libsystemd-daemon.so [Ruediger Meier]
- messages are logged with kern.* priority by default [Rainer Gerhards]
- move /dev/log to pathnames.h [Sami Kerola]
- permit to send messages larger than 1024 characters [Rainer Gerhards]
- refactor message generation [Rainer Gerhards]
- refactor the way output is written [Rainer Gerhards]
- remove "interface to syslog(3)" from man page [Karel Zak]
- small change in usage() [Karel Zak]
- tidy few indentation issues [Sami Kerola]
- use errx() when checking user input [Sami Kerola]
- use username as the default tag [Karel Zak]
- use xstrdup() [Karel Zak]
logger man page:
- bump man page date to current [Rainer Gerhards]
- fix some "syslog(3) routine" remnants [Rainer Gerhards]
- fix typo [Rainer Gerhards]
- update --size doc [Rainer Gerhards]
- replace siginterrupt with sigaction [Chen Qi]
- add --json [Karel Zak]
- be careful with errno [Karel Zak]
- print more usable error message on failed -f [Karel Zak]
- Display mountpoint even for top-level device [Milan Broz]
- add --json [Karel Zak]
- add debug support [Karel Zak]
- don't ignore dependences for partitioned devies [Karel Zak]
- fix resource leak [coverity scan] [Andreas Henriksson]
- follow kernel for inverse tree [Karel Zak]
- lsblk.8 Fix description of output format [Stanislav Brabec]
- use internally sysfs devnames [Karel Zak]
- add cpu flags entry to summary output [WANG Chao]
- add warning for __SANITIZE_ADDRESS__ [Karel Zak]
- fix read_hypervisor_powerpc() logic [Karel Zak]
- add COMMAND for shmem [Karel Zak]
- add CTIME to shmem default [Karel Zak]
- add USE% to --global [Karel Zak]
- add more resource to the limits list [Karel Zak]
- check scols_line_refer_data() return code [Karel Zak]
- cleanup -o usage [Karel Zak]
- cleanup columns indexes [Karel Zak]
- cleanup usernames [Karel Zak]
- cleanup {user,group}name usage [Karel Zak]
- default to --global [Karel Zak]
- differentiate between UID and USER names [Karel Zak]
- don't duplicate already allocated data [Karel Zak]
- fix ID parsing, use full time for pretty print [Karel Zak]
- fix coding style [Karel Zak]
- ifdef SHM_* macros [Karel Zak]
- improve --global [Karel Zak]
- improve JSON output [Karel Zak]
- make --id usable with all output formats and with -o [Karel Zak]
- move outmode to coltrol struct [Karel Zak]
- new command to list IPC facilities [Karel Zak, Karel Zak]
- remove --print0 and -colon-separate [Karel Zak]
- remove duplicate "Usage " [Karel Zak]
- the default --global is mutually exclusive with -c --id and -t [Karel Zak]
- tiny change about --global to the man page [Karel Zak]
- use sub-table for semphore elements [Karel Zak]
- value is never read [clang analyze] [Karel Zak]
- add --json [Karel Zak]
- slice up the recently modified usage text [Benno Schulenberg]
- fix --user-accs and --system-accs docs [Karel Zak]
- merge read_utmp() code [Karel Zak]
- remove duplicate [make checkincludes] [Karel Zak]
- fix nolazytime typo in mount(8) [Andreas Henriksson]
- fix -f usage [clang analyze] [Karel Zak]
- fix indention [smatch scan] [Karel Zak]
- fix redundant assignment and reassignments before use [cppcheck] [Sami Kerola]
- fix shadow declarations [Sami Kerola]
- drop hardcoded search path [Mike Frysinger]
- remove dead code [coverity scan] [Karel Zak]
- add fs_control structure, and remove most global variables [Sami Kerola]
- add hint for scanners [coverity scan] [Karel Zak]
- check requested blocks will not exceed available on device [Sami Kerola]
- check user input carefully [Sami Kerola]
- increase maximum minix v2 and v3 file system sizes [Joshua Hudson]
- introduce long options to the command [Sami Kerola]
- re-fix block count maths [Sami Kerola]
- refactor root block content creation [Sami Kerola]
- remove unuseful code [Sami Kerola]
- use is_mounted() from libcommon [Sami Kerola]
- use xalloc [Karel Zak]
- improve ugly macro [Karel Zak]
- don't remount read-only on --bind [Karel Zak]
- fix lazytime docs [Karel Zak]
- mount.8 Clarify relation between noatime and nodiratime [Borut Mrak]
- mount.8 also note diratime does not override noatime. [Borut Mrak]
- remove XFS from man page, xfsprogs provides xfs(5) [Karel Zak]
- remove duplications of --help and --version from usage text [Benno Schulenberg]
- add -Z to set selinux context [Karel Zak]
- merge changes [Karel Zak]
- update da.po (from translationproject.org) [Joe Hansen]
- update es.po (from translationproject.org) [Antonio Ceballos Roa]
- update fi.po (from translationproject.org) [Lauri Nurmi]
- update fr.po (from translationproject.org) [David Prévot]
- update ja.po (from translationproject.org) [Takeshi Hamasaki]
- update pl.po (from translationproject.org) [Jakub Bogusz]
- update uk.po (from translationproject.org) [Yuri Chornoivan]
- tell in --verbose output which pid got the new limit [Sami Kerola]
- reset errno before readdir [Ruediger Meier]
- allow full-path renames [Andreas Henriksson]
- deprecate the script, and remove reset.033c [Sami Kerola]
- use symbolic value when evaluation return codes [Sami Kerola]
- add --list-modes [Sami Kerola]
- add human readable --date timestamp format [Sami Kerola]
- add rtcwake_control and remove global variables [Sami Kerola]
- clean up struct tm initializations [Sami Kerola]
- cosmetic changes [Karel Zak]
- do not overwrite device name [Sami Kerola]
- don't use usage() on error [Karel Zak]
- enumerate constant mode strings [Sami Kerola]
- fix ARRAY_SIZE() usage [Karel Zak]
- fix preprocessor redefinition [Sami Kerola]
- fix valgrind warning [Sami Kerola]
- improve coding style [Sami Kerola]
- improve open() usage [coverity scan] [Karel Zak]
- improve read_clock_mode() [Sami Kerola]
- make some command line options mutually exclusive [Sami Kerola]
- read accepted mode strings from /sys/power/state [Sami Kerola]
- remove RTC_ALM_READ and RTC_ALM_SET compatibility [Sami Kerola]
- replace long if else statement with switch case [Sami Kerola]
- Fix mangled EOF and hang on big endian [Stanislav Brabec]
- add 'Script started' line always to capture file [Sami Kerola]
- add noreturn function attributes [Sami Kerola]
- add note to BUGS man page section [Karel Zak]
- add struct script_control and remove global variables [Sami Kerola]
- add support for SCRIPT_DEBUG= [Karel Zak]
- cleanup signals usage [Karel Zak]
- close timingfp also when -e [Karel Zak]
- debug poll() results [Karel Zak]
- evaluate errno only if read() sets it [Ruediger Meier]
- fix EOF problems [Karel Zak]
- fix variable initialization warning [Sami Kerola]
- improve SIG{TERM,QUIT,KILL} sensitivity [Karel Zak]
- improve poll debugging [Karel Zak]
- make sure errno is zero [Karel Zak]
- merge doinput() and output() functions to do_io() [Sami Kerola]
- move do_io() content to small functions [Sami Kerola]
- move timing file opening close to use of it [Sami Kerola]
- remove function prototypes [Sami Kerola]
- remove io vs signal race [Sami Kerola]
- remove magic constants from poll code [Karel Zak]
- rename control struct members [Karel Zak]
- replace strftime() workaround with CFLAGS = -Wno-format-y2k [Sami Kerola]
- use correct input type, move comment, and so on [Sami Kerola]
- use gettime_monotonic() to get timing file timestamps [Sami Kerola]
- use poll() rather than select() [Sami Kerola]
- use signalfd() to catch signals [Sami Kerola]
- fix regression for sparc builds [Waldemar Brodkorb]
- remove dead code [coverity scan] [Karel Zak]
- accept empty partitions from dump [Karel Zak]
- add --json [Karel Zak]
- add --list-free [Karel Zak]
- add missing --color [Karel Zak]
- add readline support [Karel Zak]
- clarification for sfdisk man page [Ian Wienand]
- cleanup prompt usage [Karel Zak]
- don't print extra linebreaks on --quiet [Karel Zak]
- don't use BLKRRPART to check loopdev usage [Karel Zak]
- enable bootbits protection [Karel Zak]
- fix -a vs. -A bug [Karel Zak]
- improve -N warnings [Karel Zak]
- improve some formatting and wording in the man page [Benno Schulenberg]
- show that the command --verify optionally takes device names [Benno Schulenberg]
- Use read instead of allocated size from getline() [Guillem Jover]
- don't use strcpy(), enlarge pwd line buffer [Karel Zak]
- improve support for locked root account [Karel Zak]
- fix restart waitpid with errno == EINTR [Karel Zak]
- search for mkswap via PATH [Mike Frysinger]
- lscpu segfaults when built with -fsanitize=address [Cristian Rodríguez]
- fix printf format types [cppcheck] [Boris Egorov]
- count last lines correctly at initial print out [Sami Kerola]
- deprecated [Ruediger Meier]
- do not allow minus signed last lines argument [Sami Kerola]
- ensure file argument really is a file [Sami Kerola]
- fix open() return value check [coverity scan] [Karel Zak]
- use size_t and fwrite() [Karel Zak]
- add logger octet counting test [Karel Zak]
- add comment [Karel Zak]
- add pid, tid and idx back to object [Karel Zak]
- cleanup counters names [Karel Zak]
- cleanup pid usage [Karel Zak]
- cleanup used types [Karel Zak]
- don't exit on failed pthread_create() [Karel Zak]
- err messages, argv[] parsing and another cleanups [Karel Zak]
- fix include [Karel Zak]
- improve readability [Karel Zak]
- make objdump more robust [Karel Zak]
- (blkid) update drbdmanage [Karel Zak]
- (cal) update US week numbers [Karel Zak]
- add $top_builddir to $PATH [Ruediger Meier]
- add --exclude=<list> for run.sh [Karel Zak]
- add --skip-loopdevs [Karel Zak]
- add JSON sfdisk dumps [Karel Zak]
- add blkid script to test whole-disk MBR devices [Karel Zak]
- add colcrt regression tests [Sami Kerola]
- add dmesg multiline message check [Sami Kerola]
- add documentation about environment variables [Ruediger Meier]
- add fsck.minix checks [Sami Kerola]
- add fullpath tests to rename/subdir [Andreas Henriksson]
- add hexdump from GPT [Karel Zak]
- add logger(1) command line options tests [Sami Kerola]
- add logger(1) error condition tests [Sami Kerola]
- add logger(1) journald test [Sami Kerola]
- add logger(1) message format tests [Sami Kerola]
- add old dump for sfdisk [Karel Zak]
- add script output buffering race check [Sami Kerola]
- add scriptreplay test [Sami Kerola]
- add sfdisk resize regression tests for MBR [Karel Zak]
- add sfdisk resize tests [Karel Zak]
- add sfdisk resize tests for GPT [Karel Zak]
- add subtests for invalid logger devive [Ruediger Meier]
- add test_dmesg that has fixed boot time [Sami Kerola]
- add udevadm settle [Karel Zak]
- add uuidd test program [Huschaam Hussain]
- add very long mount line to libmount mtab [Kees Cook]
- add way to control mkfs.minix time stamps [Sami Kerola]
- always kill helper [Ruediger Meier]
- avoid &>> for bash compatibility [Ruediger Meier]
- check dmesg message coloring [Sami Kerola]
- check script options work as expected [Sami Kerola]
- check timestamp formats [Sami Kerola]
- config.h lives in build directory [Ruediger Meier]
- disarm tailf test [Ruediger Meier]
- fix cramfs/mkfs for BE and different pagesizes [Ruediger Meier]
- fix fdisk/bsd for ppc64le [Ruediger Meier]
- fix getopt for old glibc [Ruediger Meier]
- fix kill/all_processes [Ruediger Meier]
- fix logger device pathname too long [Ruediger Meier]
- fix minix test [Karel Zak]
- fix minix tests filenames [Karel Zak]
- fix sfdisk GPT test [Karel Zak]
- fix, don't call ts_die from subshell [Ruediger Meier]
- improve readability for fdisk/bsd [Ruediger Meier]
- introduce TS_LOOP_DEVS for cleanup [Ruediger Meier]
- introduce ts_cleanup_on_exit() [Ruediger Meier]
- logger with socat device [Ruediger Meier]
- logger, validate written socket data [Ruediger Meier]
- logger/errors does not use --no-act [Ruediger Meier]
- loop tests, don't call ts_die() with DEVICE parameter [Ruediger Meier]
- make libmount context tests sensitive to USE_LIBMOUNT_FORCE_MOUNTINFO [Karel Zak]
- make libmount python context tests sensitive to USE_LIBMOUNT_FORCE_MOUNTINFO [Karel Zak]
- more error handling in mount/move (refactor) [Ruediger Meier]
- more(1) depends on terminal, force to TERM=linux [Karel Zak]
- mount/move also tests findmnt vs. mountpoint [Ruediger Meier]
- mount/rlimit tries to restore mtab [Ruediger Meier]
- never use -o pipefail [Ruediger Meier]
- optionally skip tests where loop support is needed [Ruediger Meier]
- remove private2 dir from mount/move [Karel Zak]
- remove warning from test output [Ruediger Meier]
- require wipefs for sfdisk/gpt [Karel Zak]
- scsi_debug tests, don't call ts_die() with DEVICE parameter [Ruediger Meier]
- simplify common logger options [Ruediger Meier]
- some more mount error handling [Ruediger Meier]
- start script/race test only when --force specified [Karel Zak]
- try mkfs & mount all supported minix versions [Karel Zak]
- ts_scsi_debug_init() sleeps a bit earlier [Ruediger Meier]
- update build-sys tests [Karel Zak]
- update fdisk BSD [Karel Zak]
- update lscpu tests (due to CPU flags in output) [Karel Zak]
- update sfdisk --dump test [Karel Zak]
- update static build test [Karel Zak]
- use --no-act for logger tests [Karel Zak]
- use ts_skip for logger/journald [Karel Zak]
- verify logger return value [Ruediger Meier]
- adjust grammar and punctuation of some messages [Benno Schulenberg]
- add err_oom() to smatch no_return_funcs [Karel Zak]
- add hexdump badconv() to noreturn smatch list [Karel Zak]
- add libfdisk docs to kernel.org release generator [Karel Zak]
- stop checkmans.sh validating libtool builds [Sami Kerola]
- add MAKE_CHECK_OPTS [Karel Zak]
- install socat >= 1.7.2 [Ruediger Meier]
- move install script to .travis-functions.sh [Ruediger Meier]
- whitelist travis* branches [Ruediger Meier]
- remove get_val() in favour of strtol_or_err() [Sami Kerola]
- remove unnecessary preprocessor directives [Sami Kerola]
- use parse_switch() [Sami Kerola]
- add --propagation, use MS_PRIVATE by default [Karel Zak]
- allow persisting mount namespaces [Karel Zak]
- allow persisting namespaces [Karel Zak]
- remove angular brackets from literal argument in usage text [Benno Schulenberg]
- remove duplicate [make checkincludes] [Karel Zak]
- do not use a temporary file. [Karel Zak, Jann Horn]
- make "-BMS <dir> -f" more obvious in usage() [Karel Zak]
- tell when mandatory option is missing [Sami Kerola]
- trivial spelling and grammar fix [Mike Place]
- add MEM-LIMIT, MEM-USED and MIGRATED columns [Karel Zak]
- add link to kernel documentation [Sami Kerola]
- support /sys/block/zram<id>/mm_stat [Karel Zak]

Karel Zak <kzak@xxxxxxxxxx>
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