Re: [RFC] futex: prevent endless loop on s390x with emulated hugepages

From: Andrea Arcangeli
Date: Thu Sep 24 2015 - 12:51:29 EST

On Thu, Sep 24, 2015 at 05:05:48PM +0200, Vlastimil Babka wrote:
> The problem is an endless loop in get_futex_key() when
> CONFIG_TRANSPARENT_HUGEPAGE is enabled and the s390x machine has emulated
> hugepages. The code tries to serialize against __split_huge_page_splitting(),
> but __get_user_pages_fast() fails on the hugetlbfs tail page. This happens
> because pmd_large() is false for emulated hugepages, so the code will proceed
> into gup_pte_range() and fail page_cache_get_speculative() through failing
> get_page_unless_zero() as the tail page count is zero. Failing __gup_fast is
> supposed to be temporary due to a race, so get_futex_key() will try again
> endlessly.
> This attempt for a fix is a bandaid solution and probably incomplete.
> Hopefully something better will emerge from the discussion. Fully fixing
> emulated hugepages just for stable backports is unlikely due to them being
> removed. Also THP refcounting redesign should soon remove the trickery from
> get_futex_key().

THP refcounting redesign will simplify things a lot here because the
head page cannot be freed from under us if we hold a reference on the

With the current split_huge_page that cannot fail, it should be
possible to stop using __get_user_pages_fast to reach the head page
and pin it before it can be freed from under us by using the
compound_lock_irqsave too.

The old code could have done get_page on a already freed head page (if
the THP was splitted after compound_head returned) and this is why it
needed adjustement. Here we just need to safely get a refcount on the
head page.

If we do get_page_unless_zero() on the head page returned by
compound_head, take compound_lock_irqsave and check if the tail page
is still a tail (which means split_huge_page hasn't run yet and it
cannot run anymore by holding the compound_lock), then we can take a
reference on the head page. After we take a reference on the head we
just put_page the tail page and we continue using the page_head.

It should be the very same logic of __get_page_tail, except we don't
want the refcount taken on the tail too (i.e. we must not increase the
mapcount and we should skip the get_huge_page_tail or the head will be
freed again if split_huge_page runs as result of MADV_DONTNEED and it
literally frees the head). We want only one more recount on the head
because the code then only works with page_head and we don't care
about the tail anymore. A new function get_head_page() may work for
that and avoid the pagetable walking.
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