[ANNOUNCE] Git v2.6.0

From: Junio C Hamano
Date: Mon Sep 28 2015 - 19:20:36 EST

The latest feature release Git v2.6.0 is now available at the
usual places. It is comprised of 479 non-merge commits since
v2.5.0, contributed by 67 people, 15 of which are new faces.

The tarballs are found at:


The following public repositories all have a copy of the 'v2.6.0'
tag and the 'master' branch that the tag points at:

url = https://kernel.googlesource.com/pub/scm/git/git
url = git://repo.or.cz/alt-git.git
url = git://git.sourceforge.jp/gitroot/git-core/git.git
url = git://git-core.git.sourceforge.net/gitroot/git-core/git-core
url = https://github.com/gitster/git

New contributors whose contributions weren't in v2.5.0 are as follows.
Welcome to the Git development community!

Antoine Delaite, Brett Randall, Brian Degenhardt, Brian Norris,
Erik ElfstrÃm, Galan RÃmi, Guillaume PagÃs, Ismael Luceno,
Jan Viktorin, Jose F. Morales, Lars Schneider, Matthieu Prat,
Michael Rappazzo, Simon A. Eugster, and ZoeÌ Blade.

Returning contributors who helped this release are as follows.
Thanks for your continued support.

Alejandro R. SedeÃo, Alexander Shopov, Alex Henrie, Andreas
Schwab, Beat Bolli, brian m. carlson, Charles Bailey, Christian
Couder, Clemens Buchacher, Dave Borowitz, David Aguilar, David
Turner, Edward Thomson, Elia Pinto, Eric Sunshine, Giuseppe
Bilotta, Heiko Voigt, Ilya Bobyr, Jacob Keller, Jean-Noel
Avila, Jeff King, Jiang Xin, Jim Hill, Johannes Schindelin,
Johannes Sixt, Junio C Hamano, Karsten Blees, Karthik Nayak,
Kevin Daudt, Marc Branchaud, Matthieu Moy, Michael Haggerty,
Michael J Gruber, Mike Hommey, Nguyán ThÃi Ngác Duy, Patrick
Steinhardt, Paul Mackerras, Paul Tan, Peter Krefting, Philip
Oakley, Phillip Sz, Ralf Thielow, Ramsay Jones, Ray Chen, Remi
Lespinet, Renà Scharfe, Stefan Beller, Sven Strickroth, SZEDER
GÃbor, Thomas Ackermann, Thomas Braun, and Trán Ngác QuÃn.


Git 2.6 Release Notes

Updates since v2.5

UI, Workflows & Features

* An asterisk as a substring (as opposed to the entirety) of a path
component for both side of a refspec, e.g.
"refs/heads/o*:refs/remotes/heads/i*", is now allowed.

* New userdiff pattern definition for fountain screenwriting markup
format has been added.

* "git log" and friends learned a new "--date=format:..." option to
format timestamps using system's strftime(3).

* "git fast-import" learned to respond to the get-mark command via
its cat-blob-fd interface.

* "git rebase -i" learned "drop commit-object-name subject" command
as another way to skip replaying of a commit.

* A new configuration variable can enable "--follow" automatically
when "git log" is run with one pathspec argument.

* "git status" learned to show a more detailed information regarding
the "rebase -i" session in progress.

* "git cat-file" learned "--batch-all-objects" option to enumerate all
available objects in the repository more quickly than "rev-list
--all --objects" (the output includes unreachable objects, though).

* "git fsck" learned to ignore errors on a set of known-to-be-bad
objects, and also allows the warning levels of various kinds of
non-critical breakages to be tweaked.

* "git rebase -i"'s list of todo is made configurable.

* "git send-email" now performs alias-expansion on names that are
given via --cccmd, etc.

* An environment variable GIT_REPLACE_REF_BASE tells Git to look into
refs hierarchy other than refs/replace/ for the object replacement

* Allow untracked cache (experimental) to be used when sparse
checkout (experimental) is also in use.

* "git pull --rebase" has been taught to pay attention to
rebase.autostash configuration.

* The command-line completion script (in contrib/) has been updated.

* A negative !ref entry in multi-value transfer.hideRefs
configuration can be used to say "don't hide this one".

* After "git am" without "-3" stops, running "git am -3" pays attention
to "-3" only for the patch that caused the original invocation
to stop.

* When linked worktree is used, simultaneous "notes merge" instances
for the same ref in refs/notes/* are prevented from stomping on
each other.

* "git send-email" learned a new option --smtp-auth to limit the SMTP
AUTH mechanisms to be used to a subset of what the system library

* A new configuration variable http.sslVersion can be used to specify
what specific version of SSL/TLS to use to make a connection.

* "git notes merge" can be told with "--strategy=<how>" option how to
automatically handle conflicts; this can now be configured by
setting notes.mergeStrategy configuration variable.

* "git log --cc" did not show any patch, even though most of the time
the user meant "git log --cc -p -m" to see patch output for commits
with a single parent, and combined diff for merge commits. The
command is taught to DWIM "--cc" (without "--raw" and other forms
of output specification) to "--cc -p -m".

* "git config --list" output was hard to parse when values consist of
multiple lines. "--name-only" option is added to help this.

* A handful of usability & cosmetic fixes to gitk and l10n updates.

* A completely empty e-mail address <> is now allowed in the authors
file used by git-svn, to match the way it accepts the output from

Performance, Internal Implementation, Development Support etc.

* In preparation for allowing different "backends" to store the refs
in a way different from the traditional "one ref per file in
$GIT_DIR or in a $GIT_DIR/packed-refs file" filesystem storage,
direct filesystem access to ref-like things like CHERRY_PICK_HEAD
from scripts and programs has been reduced.

* Computation of untracked status indicator by bash prompt
script (in contrib/) has been optimized.

* Memory use reduction when commit-slab facility is used to annotate
sparsely (which is not recommended in the first place).

* Clean up refs API and make "git clone" less intimate with the
implementation detail.

* "git pull" was reimplemented in C.

* The packet tracing machinery allows to capture an incoming pack
data to a file for debugging.

* Move machinery to parse human-readable scaled numbers like 1k, 4M,
and 2G as an option parameter's value from pack-objects to
parse-options API, to make it available to other codepaths.

* "git verify-tag" and "git verify-commit" have been taught to share
more code, and then learned to optionally show the verification
message from the underlying GPG implementation.

* Various enhancements around "git am" reading patches generated by
foreign SCM have been made.

* Ref listing by "git branch -l" and "git tag -l" commands has
started to be rebuilt, based on the for-each-ref machinery.

* The code to perform multi-tree merges has been taught to repopulate
the cache-tree upon a successful merge into the index, so that
subsequent "diff-index --cached" (hence "status") and "write-tree"
(hence "commit") will go faster.

The same logic in "git checkout" may now be removed, but that is a
separate issue.

* Tests that assume how reflogs are represented on the filesystem too
much have been corrected.

* "git am" has been rewritten in "C".

* git_path() and mkpath() are handy helper functions but it is easy
to misuse, as the callers need to be careful to keep the number of
active results below 4. Their uses have been reduced.

* The "lockfile" API has been rebuilt on top of a new "tempfile" API.

* To prepare for allowing a different "ref" backend to be plugged in
to the system, update_ref()/delete_ref() have been taught about
ref-like things like MERGE_HEAD that are per-worktree (they will
always be written to the filesystem inside $GIT_DIR).

* The gitmodules API that is accessed from the C code learned to
cache stuff lazily.

Also contains various documentation updates and code clean-ups.

Fixes since v2.5

Unless otherwise noted, all the fixes since v2.5 in the maintenance
track are contained in this release (see the maintenance releases'
notes for details).

* "git subtree" (in contrib/) depended on "git log" output to be
stable, which was a no-no. Apply a workaround to force a
particular date format.
(merge e7aac44 da/subtree-date-confusion later to maint).

* An attempt to delete a ref by pushing into a repository whose HEAD
symbolic reference points at an unborn branch that cannot be
created due to ref D/F conflict (e.g. refs/heads/a/b exists, HEAD
points at refs/heads/a) failed.
(merge b112b14 jx/do-not-crash-receive-pack-wo-head later to maint).

* The low-level "git send-pack" did not honor 'user.signingkey'
configuration variable when sending a signed-push.
(merge d830d39 db/send-pack-user-signingkey later to maint).

* "sparse checkout" misbehaved for a path that is excluded from the
checkout when switching between branches that differ at the path.
(merge 7d78241 as/sparse-checkout-removal later to maint).

* An experimental "untracked cache" feature used uname(2) in a
slightly unportable way.
(merge 100e433 cb/uname-in-untracked later to maint).

* A "rebase" replays changes of the local branch on top of something
else, as such they are placed in stage #3 and referred to as
"theirs", while the changes in the new base, typically a foreign
work, are placed in stage #2 and referred to as "ours". Clarify
the "checkout --ours/--theirs".
(merge f303016 se/doc-checkout-ours-theirs later to maint).

* The "rev-parse --parseopt" mode parsed the option specification
and the argument hint in a strange way to allow '=' and other
special characters in the option name while forbidding them from
the argument hint. This made it impossible to define an option
like "--pair <key>=<value>" with "pair=key=value" specification,
which instead would have defined a "--pair=key <value>" option.
(merge 2d893df ib/scripted-parse-opt-better-hint-string later to maint).

* Often a fast-import stream builds a new commit on top of the
previous commit it built, and it often unconditionally emits a
"from" command to specify the first parent, which can be omitted in
such a case. This caused fast-import to forget the tree of the
previous commit and then re-read it from scratch, which was
inefficient. Optimize for this common case.
(merge 0df3245 mh/fast-import-optimize-current-from later to maint).

* Running an aliased command from a subdirectory when the .git thing
in the working tree is a gitfile pointing elsewhere did not work.
(merge d95138e nd/export-worktree later to maint).

* "Is this subdirectory a separate repository that should not be
touched?" check "git clean" was inefficient. This was replaced
with a more optimized check.
(merge fbf2fec ee/clean-remove-dirs later to maint).

* The "new-worktree-mode" hack in "checkout" that was added in
nd/multiple-work-trees topic has been removed by updating the
implementation of new "worktree add".
(merge 65f9b75 es/worktree-add-cleanup later to maint).

* Remove remaining cruft from "git checkout --to", which
transitioned to "git worktree add".
(merge 114ff88 es/worktree-add later to maint).

* An off-by-one error made "git remote" to mishandle a remote with a
single letter nickname.
(merge bc598c3 mh/get-remote-group-fix later to maint).

* "git clone $URL", when cloning from a site whose sole purpose is to
host a single repository (hence, no path after <scheme>://<site>/),
tried to use the site name as the new repository name, but did not
remove username or password when <site> part was of the form
<user>@<pass>:<host>. The code is taught to redact these.
(merge adef956 ps/guess-repo-name-at-root later to maint).

* Running tests with the "-x" option to make them verbose had some
unpleasant interactions with other features of the test suite.
(merge 9b5fe78 jk/test-with-x later to maint).

* t1509 test that requires a dedicated VM environment had some
bitrot, which has been corrected.
(merge faacc5a ps/t1509-chroot-test-fixup later to maint).

* "git pull" in recent releases of Git has a regression in the code
that allows custom path to the --upload-pack=<program>. This has
been corrected.

Note that this is irrelevant for 'master' with "git pull" rewritten
in C.
(merge 13e0e28 mm/pull-upload-pack later to maint).

* When trying to see that an object does not exist, a state errno
leaked from our "first try to open a packfile with O_NOATIME and
then if it fails retry without it" logic on a system that refuses
O_NOATIME. This confused us and caused us to die, saying that the
packfile is unreadable, when we should have just reported that the
object does not exist in that packfile to the caller.
(merge dff6f28 cb/open-noatime-clear-errno later to maint).

* The codepath to produce error messages had a hard-coded limit to
the size of the message, primarily to avoid memory allocation while
calling die().
(merge f4c3edc jk/long-error-messages later to maint).

* strbuf_read() used to have one extra iteration (and an unnecessary
strbuf_grow() of 8kB), which was eliminated.
(merge 3ebbd00 jh/strbuf-read-use-read-in-full later to maint).

* We rewrote one of the build scripts in Perl but this reimplements
in Bourne shell.
(merge 57cee8a sg/help-group later to maint).

* The experimental untracked-cache feature were buggy when paths with
a few levels of subdirectories are involved.
(merge 73f9145 dt/untracked-subdir later to maint).

* "interpret-trailers" helper mistook a single-liner log message that
has a colon as the end of existing trailer.

* The "interpret-trailers" helper mistook a multi-paragraph title of
a commit log message with a colon in it as the end of the trailer
(merge 5c99995 cc/trailers-corner-case-fix later to maint).

* "git describe" without argument defaulted to describe the HEAD
commit, but "git describe --contains" didn't. Arguably, in a
repository used for active development, such defaulting would not
be very useful as the tip of branch is typically not tagged, but it
is better to be consistent.
(merge 2bd0706 sg/describe-contains later to maint).

* The client side codepaths in "git push" have been cleaned up
and the user can request to perform an optional "signed push",
i.e. sign only when the other end accepts signed push.
(merge 68c757f db/push-sign-if-asked later to maint).

* Because the configuration system does not allow "alias.0foo" and
"pager.0foo" as the configuration key, the user cannot use '0foo'
as a custom command name anyway, but "git 0foo" tried to look these
keys up and emitted useless warnings before saying '0foo is not a
git command'. These warning messages have been squelched.
(merge 9e9de18 jk/fix-alias-pager-config-key-warnings later to maint).

* "git rev-list" does not take "--notes" option, but did not complain
when one is given.
(merge 2aea7a5 jk/rev-list-has-no-notes later to maint).

* When re-priming the cache-tree opportunistically while committing
the in-core index as-is, we mistakenly invalidated the in-core
index too aggressively, causing the experimental split-index code
to unnecessarily rewrite the on-disk index file(s).
(merge 475a344 dt/commit-preserve-base-index-upon-opportunistic-cache-tree-update later to maint).

* "git archive" did not use zip64 extension when creating an archive
with more than 64k entries, which nobody should need, right ;-)?
(merge 88329ca rs/archive-zip-many later to maint).

* The code in "multiple-worktree" support that attempted to recover
from an inconsistent state updated an incorrect file.
(merge 82fde87 nd/fixup-linked-gitdir later to maint).

* On case insensitive systems, "git p4" did not work well with client

* "git init empty && git -C empty log" said "bad default revision 'HEAD'",
which was found to be a bit confusing to new users.
(merge ce11360 jk/log-missing-default-HEAD later to maint).

* Recent versions of scripted "git am" has a performance regression in
"git am --skip" codepath, which no longer exists in the built-in
version on the 'master' front. Fix the regression in the last
scripted version that appear in 2.5.x maintenance track and older.
(merge b9d6689 js/maint-am-skip-performance-regression later to maint).

* The branch descriptions that are set with "git branch --edit-description"
option were used in many places but they weren't clearly documented.
(merge 561d2b7 po/doc-branch-desc later to maint).

* Code cleanups and documentation updates.
(merge 1c601af es/doc-clean-outdated-tools later to maint).
(merge 3581304 kn/tag-doc-fix later to maint).
(merge 3a59e59 kb/i18n-doc later to maint).
(merge 45abdee sb/remove-unused-var-from-builtin-add later to maint).
(merge 14691e3 sb/parse-options-codeformat later to maint).
(merge 4a6ada3 ad/bisect-cleanup later to maint).
(merge da4c5ad ta/docfix-index-format-tech later to maint).
(merge ae25fd3 sb/check-return-from-read-ref later to maint).
(merge b3325df nd/dwim-wildcards-as-pathspecs later to maint).
(merge 7aa9b9b sg/wt-status-header-inclusion later to maint).
(merge f04c690 as/docfix-reflog-expire-unreachable later to maint).
(merge 1269847 sg/t3020-typofix later to maint).
(merge 8b54c23 jc/calloc-pathspec later to maint).
(merge a6926b8 po/po-readme later to maint).
(merge 54d160e ss/fix-config-fd-leak later to maint).
(merge b80fa84 ah/submodule-typofix-in-error later to maint).
(merge 99885bc ah/reflog-typofix-in-error later to maint).
(merge 9476c2c ah/read-tree-usage-string later to maint).
(merge b8c1d27 ah/pack-objects-usage-strings later to maint).
(merge 486e1e1 br/svn-doc-include-paths-config later to maint).
(merge 1733ed3 ee/clean-test-fixes later to maint).
(merge 5fcadc3 gb/apply-comment-typofix later to maint).
(merge b894d3e mp/t7060-diff-index-test later to maint).
(merge d238710 as/config-doc-markup-fix later to maint).


Changes since v2.5.0 are as follows:

Alejandro R. SedeÃo (1):
Makefile: use SHELL_PATH when running generate-cmdlist.sh

Alex Henrie (8):
gitk: Fix bad English grammar "Matches none Commit Info"
gitk: Remove mc parameter from proc show_error
reflog: add missing single quote to error message
git-submodule: remove extraneous space from error message
pack-objects: place angle brackets around placeholders in usage strings
read-tree: replace bracket set with parentheses to clarify usage
show-ref: place angle brackets around variables in usage string
l10n: ca.po: update translation

Alexander Shopov (2):
gitk: Update Bulgarian translation (304t)
gitk: Update Bulgarian translation (307t)

Andreas Schwab (2):
Documentation/config: fix inconsistent label on gc.*.reflogExpireUnreachable
Documentation/config: fix formatting for branch.*.rebase and pull.rebase

Antoine Delaite (3):
bisect: correction of typo
bisect: replace hardcoded "bad|good" by variables
bisect: simplify the addition of new bisect terms

Beat Bolli (2):
gitk: Add a "Copy commit summary" command
gitk: Adjust the menu line numbers to compensate for the new entry

Brett Randall (1):
git-svn doc: mention "svn-remote.<name>.include-paths"

Brian Degenhardt (1):
unpack-trees: populate cache-tree on successful merge

Brian Norris (1):
send-email: fix uninitialized var warning for $smtp_auth

Charles Bailey (3):
test-parse-options: update to handle negative ints
parse-options: move unsigned long option parsing out of pack-objects.c
untracked: fix detection of uname(2) failure

Christian Couder (3):
trailer: ignore first line of message
trailer: retitle a test and correct an in-comment message
trailer: support multiline title

Clemens Buchacher (1):
git_open_noatime: return with errno=0 on success

Dave Borowitz (9):
Documentation/git-push.txt: document when --signed may fail
Documentation/git-send-pack.txt: wrap long synopsis line
Documentation/git-send-pack.txt: document --signed
gitremote-helpers.txt: document pushcert option
transport: remove git_transport_options.push_cert
config.c: rename git_config_maybe_bool_text and export it as git_parse_maybe_bool
builtin/send-pack.c: use parse_options API
push: support signing pushes iff the server supports it
push: add a config option push.gpgSign for default signed pushes

David Aguilar (1):
contrib/subtree: ignore log.date configuration

David Turner (22):
log: add "log.follow" configuration variable
unpack-trees: don't update files with CE_WT_REMOVE set
refs.c: add err arguments to reflog functions
refs: break out check for reflog autocreation
refs: new public ref function: safe_create_reflog
git-reflog: add exists command
update-ref and tag: add --create-reflog arg
git-stash: use update-ref --create-reflog instead of creating files
t/t7509: remove unnecessary manipulation of reflog
tests: remove some direct access to .git/logs
refs: introduce pseudoref and per-worktree ref concepts
refs: add ref_type function
pseudorefs: create and use pseudoref update and delete functions
bisect: use update_ref
sequencer: replace write_cherry_pick_head with update_ref
untracked-cache: support sparse checkout
worktrees: add find_shared_symref
notes: handle multiple worktrees
pseudoref: check return values from read_ref()
untracked-cache: fix subdirectory handling
commit: don't rewrite shared index unnecessarily

Edward Thomson (1):
poll: honor the timeout on Win32

Elia Pinto (1):
http: add support for specifying the SSL version

Eric Sunshine (31):
config: rename "gc.pruneWorktreesExpire" to "gc.worktreePruneExpire"
checkout: avoid resolving HEAD unnecessarily
checkout: name check_linked_checkouts() more meaningfully
checkout: improve die_if_checked_out() robustness
checkout: die_if_checked_out: simplify strbuf management
checkout: generalize die_if_checked_out() branch name argument
checkout: check_linked_checkout: improve "already checked out" aesthetic
checkout: check_linked_checkout: simplify symref parsing
checkout: teach check_linked_checkout() about symbolic link HEAD
branch: publish die_if_checked_out()
worktree: improve worktree setup message
worktree: simplify new branch (-b/-B) option checking
worktree: introduce options container
worktree: make --detach mutually exclusive with -b/-B
worktree: add: suppress auto-vivication with --detach and no <branch>
worktree: make branch creation distinct from worktree population
worktree: elucidate environment variables intended for child processes
worktree: add_worktree: construct worktree-population command locally
worktree: detect branch-name/detached and error conditions locally
worktree: make setup of new HEAD distinct from worktree population
worktree: avoid resolving HEAD unnecessarily
worktree: populate via "git reset --hard" rather than "git checkout"
checkout: drop intimate knowledge of newly created worktree
Documentation/git-worktree: fix broken 'linkgit' invocation
Documentation/git: drop outdated Cogito reference
Documentation/git-tools: improve discoverability of Git wiki
Documentation/git-tools: fix item text formatting
Documentation/git-tools: drop references to defunct tools
Documentation/git-tools: retire manually-maintained list
Documentation/config: mention "now" and "never" for 'expire' settings
generate-cmdlist: re-implement as shell script

Erik ElfstrÃm (6):
setup: add gentle version of read_gitfile
setup: sanity check file size in read_gitfile_gently
t7300: add tests to document behavior of clean and nested git
p7300: add performance tests for clean
clean: improve performance when removing lots of directories
t7300: fix broken && chains

Galan RÃmi (3):
git-rebase -i: add command "drop" to remove a commit
git rebase -i: warn about removed commits
git rebase -i: add static check for commands and SHA-1

Giuseppe Bilotta (2):
apply: comment grammar fix
gitk: Accelerators for the main menu

Guillaume PagÃs (4):
status: factor two rebase-related messages together
status: differentiate interactive from non-interactive rebases
status: give more information during rebase -i
status: add new tests for status during rebase -i

Heiko Voigt (4):
submodule: implement a config API for lookup of .gitmodules values
submodule: extract functions for config set and lookup
submodule: use new config API for worktree configurations
submodule: allow erroneous values for the fetchRecurseSubmodules option

Ilya Bobyr (1):
rev-parse --parseopt: allow [*=?!] in argument hints

Ismael Luceno (1):
gitk: Make it easier to go quickly to a specific commit

Jacob Keller (8):
refs: cleanup comments regarding check_refname_component()
refs: loosen restriction on wildcard "*" refspecs
notes: document cat_sort_uniq rewriteMode
notes: extract enum notes_merge_strategy to notes-utils.h
notes: extract parse_notes_merge_strategy to notes-utils
notes: add tests for --commit/--abort/--strategy exclusivity
notes: add notes.mergeStrategy option to select default strategy
notes: teach git-notes about notes.<name>.mergeStrategy option

Jan Viktorin (1):
send-email: provide whitelist of SMTP AUTH mechanisms

Jean-Noel Avila (2):
l10n: fr.po v2.6.0 round 1 (2441t)
l10n: fr.po v2.6.0 round 2 (2440t)

Jeff King (51):
pkt-line: simplify starts_with checks in packet tracing
pkt-line: tighten sideband PACK check when tracing
pkt-line: support tracing verbatim pack contents
cat-file: minor style fix in options list
cat-file: move batch_options definition to top of file
cat-file: add --buffer option
cat-file: stop returning value from batch_one_object
cat-file: split batch_one_object into two stages
cat-file: add --batch-all-objects option
read_gitfile_gently: fix use-after-free
cat-file: sort and de-dup output of --batch-all-objects
show-branch: use DATE_RELATIVE instead of magic number
convert "enum date_mode" into a struct
introduce "format" date-mode
strbuf: make strbuf_addftime more robust
docs/config.txt: reorder hideRefs config
refs: support negative transfer.hideRefs
test-lib: turn off "-x" tracing during chain-lint check
test-lib: disable trace when test is not verbose
clone: add tests for output directory
clone: use computed length in guess_dir_name
cache.h: clarify documentation for git_path, et al
cache.h: complete set of git_path_submodule helpers
t5700: modernize style
add_to_alternates_file: don't add duplicate entries
prefer git_pathdup to git_path in some possibly-dangerous cases
prefer mkpathdup to mkpath in assignments
remote.c: drop extraneous local variable from migrate_file
refs.c: remove extra git_path calls from read_loose_refs
path.c: drop git_path_submodule
refs.c: simplify strbufs in reflog setup and writing
refs.c: avoid repeated git_path calls in rename_tmp_log
refs.c: avoid git_path assignment in lock_ref_sha1_basic
refs.c: remove_empty_directories can take a strbuf
find_hook: keep our own static buffer
get_repo_path: refactor path-allocation
memoize common git-path "constant" files
vreportf: report to arbitrary filehandles
vreportf: avoid intermediate buffer
format_config: don't init strbuf
format_config: simplify buffer handling
get_urlmatch: avoid useless strbuf write
config: silence warnings for command names with invalid keys
rev-list: make it obvious that we do not support notes
log: diagnose empty HEAD more clearly
rerere: release lockfile in non-writing functions
pack-protocol: clarify LF-handling in PKT-LINE()
verify_absent: allow filenames longer than PATH_MAX
notes: use a strbuf in add_non_note
read_info_alternates: handle paths larger than PATH_MAX
show-branch: use a strbuf for reflog descriptions

Jiang Xin (8):
receive-pack: crash when checking with non-exist HEAD
l10n: TEAMS: stash inactive zh_CN team members
l10n: zh_CN: Add translations for Git glossary
i18n: am: fix typo in description of -b option
l10n: git.pot: v2.6.0 round 1 (123 new, 41 removed)
l10n: zh_CN: for git v2.6.0 l10n round 1
l10n: git.pot: v2.6.0 round 2 (3 improvements)
l10n: zh_CN: for git v2.6.0 l10n round 2

Jim Hill (1):
strbuf_read(): skip unnecessary strbuf_grow() at eof

Johannes Schindelin (20):
fsck: introduce fsck options
fsck: introduce identifiers for fsck messages
fsck: provide a function to parse fsck message IDs
fsck: offer a function to demote fsck errors to warnings
fsck (receive-pack): allow demoting errors to warnings
fsck: report the ID of the error/warning
fsck: make fsck_ident() warn-friendly
fsck: make fsck_commit() warn-friendly
fsck: handle multiple authors in commits specially
fsck: make fsck_tag() warn-friendly
fsck: add a simple test for receive.fsck.<msg-id>
fsck: disallow demoting grave fsck errors to warnings
fsck: optionally ignore specific fsck issues completely
fsck: allow upgrading fsck warnings to errors
fsck: document the new receive.fsck.<msg-id> options
fsck: support demoting errors to warnings
fsck: introduce `git fsck --connectivity-only`
fsck: git receive-pack: support excluding objects from fsck'ing
fsck: support ignoring objects in `git fsck` via fsck.skiplist
am --skip/--abort: merge HEAD/ORIG_HEAD tree into index

Johannes Sixt (2):
t7300-clean: require POSIXPERM for chmod 0 test
t2019: skip test requiring '*' in a file name non Windows

Jose F. Morales (1):
Mingw: verify both ends of the pipe () call

Junio C Hamano (40):
commit-slab: introduce slabname##_peek() function
builtin/send-pack.c: respect user.signingkey
Git 2.4.8
First batch for 2.6
sha1_file.c: rename move_temp_to_file() to finalize_object_file()
Second batch for 2.6
Third batch for 2.6
Start preparing for 2.5.1
Fourth batch for 2.6
ps_matched: xcalloc() takes nmemb and then element size
log: rename "tweak" helpers
log: when --cc is given, default to -p unless told otherwise
log: show merge commit when --cc is given
builtin/am: introduce write_state_*() helper functions
builtin/am: make sure state files are text
write_file(): drop "fatal" parameter
write_file_v(): do not leave incomplete line at the end
write_file(): drop caller-supplied LF from calls to create a one-liner file
builtin/log.c: minor reformat
Fifth batch for 2.6
pull: pass upload_pack only when it was given
Sixth batch for 2.6
Git 2.5.1
Seventh batch for 2.6
Eighth batch for 2.6
Ninth batch for 2.6
Git 2.6-rc0
Git 2.2.3
Git 2.3.9
Git 2.4.9
Git 2.5.2
am: match --signoff to the original scripted version
Git 2.6-rc1
Release Notes: typofix
Git 2.6-rc2
Update RelNotes to 2.6 to describe leftover bits since -rc2
Git 2.5.3
Update RelNotes to 2.6
Git 2.6-rc3
Git 2.6

Karsten Blees (1):
Documentation/i18n.txt: clarify character encoding support

Karthik Nayak (12):
for-each-ref: extract helper functions out of grab_single_ref()
for-each-ref: clean up code
for-each-ref: rename 'refinfo' to 'ref_array_item'
for-each-ref: introduce new structures for better organisation
for-each-ref: introduce 'ref_array_clear()'
for-each-ref: rename some functions and make them public
for-each-ref: rename variables called sort to sorting
ref-filter: add 'ref-filter.h'
Documentation/tag: remove double occurance of "<pattern>"
ref-filter: move code from 'for-each-ref'
for-each-ref: introduce filter_refs()
ref-filter: make 'ref_array_item' use a FLEX_ARRAY for refname

Kevin Daudt (1):
pull: allow dirty tree when rebase.autostash enabled

Lars Schneider (1):
git-p4: honor core.ignorecase when using P4 client specs

Marc Branchaud (3):
gitk: Rearrange window title to be more conventional
gitk: Show the current view's name in the window title
gitk: Use translated version of "Command line" in getcommitlines

Matthieu Moy (3):
Documentation/bisect: move getting help section to the end
pull.sh: quote $upload_pack when passing it to git-fetch
bisect: don't mix option parsing and non-trivial code

Matthieu Prat (1):
t7060: actually test "git diff-index --cached -M"

Michael Haggerty (45):
delete_ref(): move declaration to refs.h
remove_branches(): remove temporary
delete_ref(): handle special case more explicitly
delete_refs(): new function for the refs API
delete_refs(): make error message more generic
delete_refs(): bail early if the packed-refs file cannot be rewritten
prune_remote(): use delete_refs()
prune_refs(): use delete_refs()
repack_without_refs(): make function private
initial_ref_transaction_commit(): function for initial ref creation
refs: remove some functions from the module's public interface
initial_ref_transaction_commit(): check for duplicate refs
initial_ref_transaction_commit(): check for ref D/F conflicts
refs: move the remaining ref module declarations to refs.h
refs.h: add some parameter names to function declarations
check_branch_commit(): make first parameter const
update_ref(): don't read old reference value before delete
cmd_update_ref(): make logic more straightforward
delete_ref(): use the usual convention for old_sha1
Documentation/bisect: revise overall content
fast-import: add a get-mark command
Documentation/git-worktree: consistently use term "linked working tree"
Documentation/git-worktree: fix incorrect reference to file "locked"
Documentation/config: fix stale "git prune --worktree" reference
Documentation/git-worktree: wordsmith worktree-related manpages
get_remote_group(): handle remotes with single-character names
get_remote_group(): rename local variable "space" to "wordlen"
get_remote_group(): eliminate superfluous call to strcspn()
get_remote_group(): use skip_prefix()
lockfile: move documentation to lockfile.h and lockfile.c
create_bundle(): duplicate file descriptor to avoid closing it twice
lockfile: add accessors get_lock_file_fd() and get_lock_file_fp()
lockfile: add accessor get_lock_file_path()
commit_lock_file(): use get_locked_file_path()
tempfile: a new module for handling temporary files
prepare_tempfile_object(): new function, extracted from create_tempfile()
tempfile: add several functions for creating temporary files
register_tempfile(): new function to handle an existing temporary file
write_shared_index(): use tempfile module
setup_temporary_shallow(): use tempfile module
diff: use tempfile module
lock_repo_for_gc(): compute the path to "gc.pid" only once
gc: use tempfile module to handle gc.pid file
credential-cache--daemon: delete socket from main()
credential-cache--daemon: use tempfile module

Michael J Gruber (1):
git-svn: parse authors file more leniently

Michael Rappazzo (2):
gitk: Add mouse right-click options to copy path and branch name
git-rebase--interactive.sh: add config option for custom instruction format

Mike Hommey (2):
Allow to control where the replace refs are looked for
fast-import: do less work when given "from" matches current branch head

Nguyán ThÃi Ngác Duy (4):
setup: set env $GIT_WORK_TREE when work tree is set, like $GIT_DIR
t7063: use --force-untracked-cache to speed up a bit
untracked cache: fix entry invalidation
setup: update the right file in multiple checkouts

Patrick Steinhardt (6):
Documentation/git-worktree: fix duplicated 'from'
tests: fix broken && chains in t1509-root-worktree
tests: fix cleanup after tests in t1509-root-worktree
clone: do not include authentication data in guessed dir
clone: do not use port number as dir name
clone: abort if no dir name could be guessed

Paul Mackerras (3):
gitk: Replace catch {unset foo} with unset -nocomplain foo
gitk: Fix error when changing colors after closing "List references" window
gitk: Update .po files

Paul Tan (85):
t4150: test applying StGit patch
am: teach StGit patch parser how to read from stdin
t4150: test applying StGit series
am: use gmtime() to parse mercurial patch date
am: teach mercurial patch parser how to read from stdin
parse-options-cb: implement parse_opt_passthru()
parse-options-cb: implement parse_opt_passthru_argv()
argv-array: implement argv_array_pushv()
pull: implement skeletal builtin pull
pull: implement fetch + merge
pull: pass verbosity, --progress flags to fetch and merge
pull: pass git-merge's options to git-merge
pull: pass git-fetch's options to git-fetch
pull: error on no merge candidates
pull: support pull.ff config
pull: check if in unresolved merge state
pull: fast-forward working tree if head is updated
pull: implement pulling into an unborn branch
pull: set reflog message
pull: teach git pull about --rebase
pull: configure --rebase via branch.<name>.rebase or pull.rebase
pull --rebase: exit early when the working directory is dirty
pull --rebase: error on no merge candidate cases
pull: remove redirection to git-pull.sh
t4150: am.messageid really adds the message id
t4150: am fails if index is dirty
t4151: am --abort will keep dirty index intact
t4150: am refuses patches when paused
t4150: am --resolved fails if index has no changes
t4150: am --resolved fails if index has unmerged entries
t4150: am with applypatch-msg hook
t4150: am with pre-applypatch hook
t4150: am with post-applypatch hook
t4150: tests for am --[no-]scissors
t3418: non-interactive rebase --continue with rerere enabled
t3901: test git-am encoding conversion
wrapper: implement xopen()
wrapper: implement xfopen()
builtin-am: implement skeletal builtin am
builtin-am: implement patch queue mechanism
builtin-am: split out mbox/maildir patches with git-mailsplit
builtin-am: auto-detect mbox patches
builtin-am: extract patch and commit info with git-mailinfo
builtin-am: apply patch with git-apply
builtin-am: implement committing applied patch
builtin-am: refuse to apply patches if index is dirty
builtin-am: implement --resolved/--continue
builtin-am: don't parse mail when resuming
builtin-am: implement --skip
builtin-am: implement --abort
builtin-am: reject patches when there's a session in progress
builtin-am: implement -q/--quiet
builtin-am: exit with user friendly message on failure
builtin-am: implement -s/--signoff
cache-tree: introduce write_index_as_tree()
builtin-am: implement --3way
builtin-am: implement --rebasing mode
builtin-am: bypass git-mailinfo when --rebasing
builtin-am: handle stray state directory
builtin-am: implement -u/--utf8
builtin-am: implement -k/--keep, --keep-non-patch
builtin-am: implement --[no-]message-id, am.messageid
builtin-am: support --keep-cr, am.keepcr
builtin-am: implement --[no-]scissors
builtin-am: pass git-apply's options to git-apply
builtin-am: implement --ignore-date
builtin-am: implement --committer-date-is-author-date
builtin-am: implement -S/--gpg-sign, commit.gpgsign
builtin-am: invoke post-rewrite hook
builtin-am: support automatic notes copying
builtin-am: invoke applypatch-msg hook
builtin-am: invoke pre-applypatch hook
builtin-am: invoke post-applypatch hook
builtin-am: rerere support
builtin-am: support and auto-detect StGit patches
builtin-am: support and auto-detect StGit series files
builtin-am: support and auto-detect mercurial patches
builtin-am: implement -i/--interactive
builtin-am: implement legacy -b/--binary option
builtin-am: check for valid committer ident
builtin-am: remove redirection to git-am.sh
test_terminal: redirect child process' stdin to a pty
am: let command-line options override saved options
am: let --signoff override --no-signoff
am --skip/--abort: merge HEAD/ORIG_HEAD tree into index

Peter Krefting (2):
gitk: sv.po: Update Swedish translation (305t0f0u)
l10n: sv.po: Update Swedish translation (2441t0f0u)

Philip Oakley (2):
po/README: Update directions for l10n contributors
doc: show usage of branch description

Phillip Sz (1):
l10n: de.po: better language for one string

Ralf Thielow (5):
lockfile: remove function "hold_lock_file_for_append"
pull: don't mark values for option "rebase" for translation
tag, update-ref: improve description of option "create-reflog"
l10n: de.po: translate 123 new messages
l10n: de.po: translate 2 messages

Ramsay Jones (1):
mailmap: update my entry with new email address

Ray Chen (10):
l10n: zh_CN: Update Translation: "tag object"
l10n: zh_CN: Unify Translation of "packfile"
l10n: zh_CN: Update Translation of "tag"
l10n: zh_CN: Add Surrounding Spaces
l10n: zh_CN: Update Git Glossary: SHA-1
l10n: zh_CN: Update Git Glossary: "dumb", "smart"
l10n: zh_CN: Update Git Glossary: tag
l10n: zh_CN: Update Git Glossary: fork
l10n: zh_CN: Update Git Glossary: pickaxe
l10n: zh_CN: Update Git Glossary: "commit message"

Remi Lespinet (11):
t9001-send-email: move script creation in a setup test
send-email: allow aliases in patch header and command script outputs
t9001-send-email: refactor header variable fields replacement
send-email: refactor address list process
send-email: allow use of aliases in the From field of --compose mode
send-email: minor code refactoring
send-email: reduce dependencies impact on parse_address_line
send-email: consider quote as delimiter instead of character
send-email: allow multiple emails using --cc, --to and --bcc
send-email: suppress meaningless whitespaces in from field
git-am: add am.threeWay config variable

Renà Scharfe (3):
t5004: test ZIP archives with many entries
archive-zip: use a local variable to store the creator version
archive-zip: support more than 65535 entries

SZEDER GÃbor (8):
bash prompt: test untracked files status indicator with untracked dirs
bash prompt: faster untracked status indicator with untracked directories
config: add '--name-only' option to list only variable names
completion: list variable names reliably with 'git config --name-only'
t3020: fix typo in test description
config: restructure format_config() for better control flow
wt-status: move #include "pathspec.h" to the header
describe --contains: default to HEAD when no commit-ish is given

Simon A. Eugster (1):
checkout: document subtlety around --ours/--theirs

Stefan Beller (4):
parse-options: align curly braces for all options
add: remove dead code
transport-helper: die on errors reading refs.
read-cache: fix indentation in read_index_from

Sven Strickroth (1):
config: close config file handle in case of error

Thomas Ackermann (1):
typofix for index-format.txt

Thomas Braun (1):
completion: offer '--edit-todo' during interactive rebase

Trán Ngác QuÃn (2):
l10n: Updated Vietnamese translation (2441t)
l10n: Update and review Vietnamese translation (2440t)

ZoeÌ Blade (1):
userdiff: add support for Fountain documents

brian m. carlson (7):
verify-tag: add tests
verify-tag: share code with verify-commit
verify-commit: add test for exit status on untrusted signature
gpg: centralize signature check
gpg: centralize printing signature buffers
verify-commit: add option to print raw gpg status information
verify-tag: add option to print raw gpg status information

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