[PATCH v4 00/10] xen-block: multi hardware-queues/rings support

From: Bob Liu
Date: Sun Nov 01 2015 - 23:22:20 EST

Note: These patches were based on original work of Arianna's internship for
GNOME's Outreach Program for Women.

After using blk-mq api, a guest has more than one(nr_vpus) software request
queues associated with each block front. These queues can be mapped over several
rings(hardware queues) to the backend, making it very easy for us to run
multiple threads on the backend for a single virtual disk.

By having different threads issuing requests at the same time, the performance
of guest can be improved significantly.

Test was done based on null_blk driver:
dom0: v4.3-rc7 16vcpus 10GB "modprobe null_blk"
domU: v4.3-rc7 16vcpus 10GB


domU(orig) 4 queues 8 queues 16 queues
iops: 690k 1024k(+30%) 800k 750k

After patch 9 and 10:
domU(orig) 4 queues 8 queues 16 queues
iops: 690k 1600k(+100%) 1450k 1320k

Chart: https://www.dropbox.com/s/agrcy2pbzbsvmwv/iops.png?dl=0

Also see huge improvements for write and real SSD storage.

* Rebase to v4.3-rc7
* Comments from Roger

* Rebased to v4.2-rc8

Bob Liu (10):
xen/blkif: document blkif multi-queue/ring extension
xen/blkfront: separate per ring information out of device info
xen/blkfront: pseudo support for multi hardware queues/rings
xen/blkfront: split per device io_lock
xen/blkfront: negotiate number of queues/rings to be used with backend
xen/blkback: separate ring information out of struct xen_blkif
xen/blkback: pseudo support for multi hardware queues/rings
xen/blkback: get the number of hardware queues/rings from blkfront
xen/blkfront: make persistent grants per-queue
xen/blkback: make pool of persistent grants and free pages per-queue

drivers/block/xen-blkback/blkback.c | 386 ++++++++++---------
drivers/block/xen-blkback/common.h | 78 ++--
drivers/block/xen-blkback/xenbus.c | 359 ++++++++++++------
drivers/block/xen-blkfront.c | 718 ++++++++++++++++++++++--------------
include/xen/interface/io/blkif.h | 48 +++
5 files changed, 971 insertions(+), 618 deletions(-)


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