Re: [PATCH] mm/hugetlbfs Fix bugs in fallocate hole punch of areas with holes

From: Mike Kravetz
Date: Mon Nov 02 2015 - 12:39:56 EST

On 11/01/2015 06:50 PM, Hillf Danton wrote:
> Andrew, please correct me if I miss/mess anything.
>>> This hunk is already in the next tree, see below please.
>> Ah, the whole series to add shmem like code to handle hole punch/fault
>> races is in the next tree. It has been determined that most of this
>> series is not necessary. For the next tree, ideally the following
>> should happen:
>> - revert the series
>> 0830d5afd4ab69d01cf5ceba9b9f2796564c4eb6
>> 4e0a78fea078af972276c2d3aeaceb2bac80e033
>> 251c8a023a0c639725e014a612e8c05a631ce839
>> 03bcef375766af4db12ec783241ac39f8bf5e2b1
>> - Add this patch (if Ack'ed/reviewed) to fix remove_inode_hugepages
>> - Add a new patch for the handle hole punch/fault race. It modifies
>> same code as this patch, so I have not sent out until this is Ack'ed.
>> I will admit that I do not fully understand how maintainers manage their
>> trees and share patches. If someone can make suggestions on how to handle
>> this situation (create patches against what tree? send patches to who?),
>> I will be happy to make it happen.
> The rule is to prepare patches against the next tree and deliver patches to
> linux-mm with AKPM, linux-kernel cced. The authors and maintainers of the
> current code your patches change should also be cced.
> And those guys you want to get ack and comments.
> In this case, you should first ask Andrew to withdraw the 4 commits.
> Then send your new patches, one after another, one problem a patch.
> Best Wishes
> Hillf


As mentioned above, it has been determined that most of the series titled
"[PATCH v2 0/4] hugetlbfs fallocate hole punch race with page faults" is
unnecessary. Ideally, we want to remove this entire series from mmotm and
linux-next. It will be replaced with a simpler patch.

However, before that happens I would like to address bugs in the current
code as pointed out by Hugh Dickins. These are addresses in the patch
which started this thread:
"[PATCH] mm/hugetlbfs Fix bugs in fallocate hole punch of areas with holes"

If there is a way to do this that makes your work easier let me know.

It would be good if someone could take a look at this patch as these bugs
also exist in 4.3.

Mike Kravetz
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