[PATCH 0/2] Fixes for devfreq cooling

From: Javi Merino
Date: Mon Nov 02 2015 - 14:03:38 EST

When devfreq cooling entered Eduardo's tree, the kbuild test robot
spotted a compilation warning on sh. Also, the first patch aligns the
return type and the parameters of the devfreq register/unregister with
those of the cpu cooling device.

This patches apply on top of eduardo/next.

Javi Merino (2):
thermal: devfreq_cooling: use a thermal_cooling_device for register
and unregister
thermal: devfreq_cooling: Make power a u64

drivers/thermal/devfreq_cooling.c | 18 +++++++++++-------
include/linux/devfreq_cooling.h | 16 ++++++++--------
2 files changed, 19 insertions(+), 15 deletions(-)


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