[PATCH 0/4] powerpc/perf: Export Power8 PMU events in sysfs

From: Sukadev Bhattiprolu
Date: Mon Nov 02 2015 - 15:26:39 EST

For consistency with Power7, export Power8 PMU events in sysfs.
This would also allow users to specify the PMU events by name:

perf stat -e 'cpu/PM_VSU1_FPSCR/' sleep 1

Sukadev Bhattiprolu (4):
powerpc/perf: Remove PME_ prefix for power7 events
powerpc/perf: Export Power8 generic and cache events in sysfs
perf/powerpc: Rename some Power8 events
powerpc/perf: Export all Power8 PMU events in sysfs

arch/powerpc/include/asm/perf_event_server.h | 2 +-
arch/powerpc/perf/power7-pmu.c | 18 +-
arch/powerpc/perf/power8-events-list.h | 1077 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++
arch/powerpc/perf/power8-pmu.c | 82 +-
4 files changed, 1128 insertions(+), 51 deletions(-)
create mode 100644 arch/powerpc/perf/power8-events-list.h


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