From: David Miller
Date: Tue Nov 03 2015 - 16:44:38 EST

Just a y2038 fix to the pdc202xx_new IDE driver.

Please pull, thanks a lot!

The following changes since commit 6a13feb9c82803e2b815eca72fa7a9f5561d7861:

Linux 4.3 (2015-11-01 16:05:25 -0800)

are available in the git repository at:


for you to fetch changes up to 353b39d1b1511376aca71bc3aba62831370561ca:

ide: pdc202xx_new: Replace timeval with ktime_t (2015-11-03 11:51:08 -0500)

Amitoj Kaur Chawla (1):
ide: pdc202xx_new: Replace timeval with ktime_t

drivers/ide/pdc202xx_new.c | 10 +++++-----
1 file changed, 5 insertions(+), 5 deletions(-)
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