perf top segfaults on current git

From: Markus Trippelsdorf
Date: Wed Nov 04 2015 - 05:22:25 EST

On 2015.11.03 at 11:02 +0100, Ingo Molnar wrote:
> Please pull the latest perf-core-for-linus git tree from:

Since the current merge "perf top" segfaults on my machine:

Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.

__map__is_kernel (map=map@entry=0x1abb7a0) at util/map.c:238
238 return __machine__kernel_map(map->groups->machine, map->type) == map;
(gdb) bt
#0 __map__is_kernel (map=map@entry=0x1abb7a0) at util/map.c:238
#1 0x00000000004393e4 in symbol_filter (map=map@entry=0x1abb7a0, sym=sym@entry=0x1a88560) at builtin-top.c:658
#2 0x00000000004fcd4d in dso__load_sym (dso=dso@entry=0x166dae0, map=map@entry=0x1abb7a0, syms_ss=0x7fffffff7680, runtime_ss=runtime_ss@entry=0x7fffffff7680,
filter=filter@entry=0x4393c0 <symbol_filter>, kmodule=0) at util/symbol-elf.c:1082
#3 0x00000000004a64e0 in dso__load (dso=0x166dae0, map=map@entry=0x1abb7a0, filter=filter@entry=0x4393c0 <symbol_filter>) at util/symbol.c:1530
#4 0x00000000004b941f in map__load (filter=0x4393c0 <symbol_filter>, map=<optimized out>) at util/map.c:289
#5 map__find_symbol (map=0x1abb7a0, addr=40188, filter=0x4393c0 <symbol_filter>) at util/map.c:333
#6 0x00000000004803b1 in perf_event__preprocess_sample (event=event@entry=0x7ffff6a7a5f0, machine=machine@entry=0x164c7b8, al=al@entry=0x7fffffff8a90,
sample=sample@entry=0x7fffffff8b20) at util/event.c:1045
#7 0x0000000000439837 in perf_event__process_sample (machine=0x164c7b8, sample=0x7fffffff8b20, evsel=0x164c320, event=0x7ffff6a7a5f0, tool=0x7fffffff8ef0)
at builtin-top.c:737
#8 perf_top__mmap_read_idx (top=top@entry=0x7fffffff8ef0, idx=idx@entry=0) at builtin-top.c:870
#9 0x000000000043b9ef in perf_top__mmap_read (top=0x7fffffff8ef0) at builtin-top.c:887
#10 __cmd_top (top=0x7fffffff8ef0) at builtin-top.c:1000
#11 cmd_top (argc=<optimized out>, argv=<optimized out>, prefix=<optimized out>) at builtin-top.c:1329
#12 0x00000000004756b3 in run_builtin (p=p@entry=0x5b0608 <commands+264>, argc=argc@entry=2, argv=argv@entry=0x7fffffffe500) at perf.c:386
#13 0x00000000004203e2 in handle_internal_command (argv=0x7fffffffe500, argc=2) at perf.c:447
#14 run_argv (argv=0x7fffffffe290, argcp=0x7fffffffe29c) at perf.c:491
#15 main (argc=2, argv=0x7fffffffe500) at perf.c:608

It only happens occasionally (~every third or fourth run).

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