Re: checkpatch false warning. was: [PATCH 3/5] mm, page_owner: copy page owner info during migration

From: Joe Perches
Date: Wed Nov 04 2015 - 10:31:04 EST

On Wed, 2015-11-04 at 16:10 +0100, Vlastimil Babka wrote:
> On 11/04/2015 04:00 PM, Vlastimil Babka wrote:
> > The page_owner mechanism stores gfp_flags of an allocation and stack trace
> > that lead to it. During page migration, the original information is
> > essentially replaced by the allocation of free page as the migration target.
> > Arguably this is less useful and might lead to all the page_owner info for
> > migratable pages gradually converge towards compaction or numa balancing
> > migrations. It has also lead to inaccuracies such as one fixed by commit
> > e2cfc91120fa ("mm/page_owner: set correct gfp_mask on page_owner").
> Hi,
> This patch gives me the following checkpatch warning:
> ERROR: Please use git commit description style 'commit <12+ chars of sha1> ("")' - ie: 'commit e2cfc91120fa ("mm/page_owner: set correct gfp_mask on page_owner")'
> #12:
> e2cfc91120fa ("mm/page_owner: set correct gfp_mask on page_owner").
> Some fuzzing showed that it's complaining about the missing word "commit"
> which is however on the end of the previous line. Can that be fixed please?

Not trivially, no.

> I can't speak perl myself.

No one speaks perl fluently.

checkpatch is not perfect. It never will be, it's just
a brainless script. Please ignore messages from it that
are obviously incorrect.

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