Re: [PATCH v13 10/51] vfs: Cache base_acl objects in inodes

From: Andreas Gruenbacher
Date: Wed Nov 04 2015 - 16:54:58 EST


On Tue, Nov 3, 2015 at 11:29 PM, Andreas Dilger <adilger@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On Nov 3, 2015, at 8:16 AM, Andreas Gruenbacher <agruenba@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> POSIX ACLs and richacls are both objects allocated by kmalloc() with a
>> reference count which are freed by kfree_rcu(). An inode can either
>> cache an access and a default POSIX ACL, or a richacl (richacls do not
>> have default acls). To allow an inode to cache either of the two kinds
>> of acls, introduce a new base_acl type and convert i_acl and
>> i_default_acl to that type. In most cases, the vfs then doesn't have to
>> care which kind of acl an inode caches (if any).
> For new wrapper functions like this better to name them as "NOUN_VERB" so
> rather than "VERB_NOUN" so that related functions sort together, like
> base_acl_init(), base_acl_get(), base_acl_put(), base_acl_refcount(), etc.

That's better, yes. I agree with all your comments and I've changed
things accordingly.

>> @@ -270,7 +270,7 @@ static struct posix_acl *f2fs_acl_clone(const struct posix_acl *acl,
>> sizeof(struct posix_acl_entry);
>> clone = kmemdup(acl, size, flags);
>> if (clone)
>> - atomic_set(&clone->a_refcount, 1);
>> + atomic_set(&clone->a_base.ba_refcount, 1);
> This should be base_acl_init() since this should also reset the RCU state
> if it was just copied from "acl" above.

Yes. The rcu_head doesn't need initializing or resetting though.

> That wouldn't be quite correct if
> there are other fields added to struct base_acl that don't need to be
> initialized when it is copied, so possibly base_acl_reinit() would be better
> here and below if that will be the case in the near future (I haven't looked
> through the whole patch series yet).

We won't need a base_acl_reinit() function for now.

>> @@ -25,9 +25,9 @@ struct posix_acl **acl_by_type(struct inode *inode, int type)
>> {
>> switch (type) {
>> - return &inode->i_acl;
>> + return (struct posix_acl **)&inode->i_acl;
>> - return &inode->i_default_acl;
>> + return (struct posix_acl **)&inode->i_default_acl;
> This would be better to use container_of() to unwrap struct base_acl from
> struct posix_acl. That avoids the hard requirement (which isn't documented
> anywhere) that base_acl needs to be the first member of struct posix_acl.
> I was originally going to write that you should add a comment that base_acl
> needs to be the first member of both richacl and posix_acl, but container_of()
> is both cleaner and safer.
> Looking further down, that IS actually needed due to the way kfree is used on
> the base_acl pointer, but using container_of() is still cleaner and safer
> than directly casting double pointers (which some compilers and static
> analysis tools will be unhappy with).

Well, we would end up with &container_of() here which doesn't work and
doesn't make sense, either. Let me change acl_by_type to return a
base_acl ** to clean this up.

>> @@ -576,6 +576,12 @@ static inline void mapping_allow_writable(struct address_space *mapping)
>> #define i_size_ordered_init(inode) do { } while (0)
>> #endif
>> +struct base_acl {
>> + union {
>> + atomic_t ba_refcount;
>> + struct rcu_head ba_rcu;
>> + };
>> +};
>> struct posix_acl;
> Is this forward declaration of struct posix_acl even needed anymore after
> the change below? There shouldn't be references to the struct in the common
> code anymore (at least not by the end of the patch series.

The get_acl and set_acl inode operations expect struct posix_acl to be declared.

> Hmm, using the base_acl pointer as the pointer to kfree means that the
> base_acl structure DOES need to be the first one in both struct posix_acl
> and struct richacl, so that needs to be commented at each structure so
> it doesn't accidentally break in the future.

Yes. I've added comments; there are also BUILD_BUG_ON() asserts in
posix_acl_release and richacl_put.

>> @@ -57,7 +57,7 @@ static inline struct richacl *
>> richacl_get(struct richacl *acl)
>> {
>> if (acl)
>> - atomic_inc(&acl->a_refcount);
>> + atomic_inc(&acl->a_base.ba_refcount);
>> return acl;
> This should also use base_acl_get() for consistency. That said, where is
> the call to base_acl_put() in the richacl code?
> Also, where is the change to struct richacl? It looks like this patch would
> not be able to compile by itself.

Ah, a little problem in how the patches are split. I've fixed it. This
code doesn't get pulled into the build because nothing requires
CONFIG_FS_RICHACL at that point; that's why I didn't notice.

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